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    Received PPR email ""Need Some Help"""

    They send a mail asking for passport and you can only send through canada post. They don't ask for additional documents at this point. PR normal process is about 6 months. Depending on the complication of the case it can take longer. I got PR in 7 months. One friend got in 5 months and other...
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    Canadian experience class pr total hours

    When did he start the job?
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    For CEC biometrics not needed.
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    Received PPR email ""Need Some Help"""

    Whats the confusion?
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    close work permit

    13th march
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    June 2019 AOR cases

    Finally!! Passport request: January 14. Sent: January 15 Passport received at Ottawa: January 16. Cheers!
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    Documents for PNP

    This forum is for CEC - Canadian experience class. Post a thread here>
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    BOWP - Processing time?

    Never saw that happening before. Maybe they got lucky. You should get your anytime in next 2-3 months.
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    Is proof of funds required for reapplying PR (not working currently due to bowp deny

    I am confused...Are you saying , you trust Canadavisaforum more than Canada Immigration council? For CEC, main requirement is 1yr full time or 2 years part time work experience. If you have that you can apply for CEC. There is no need to show proof of funds. There are a lot of factors...
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    Start new job on implied status?

    From what I know, you can work for another employer on Implied status. But you cant work for new employer on expired SIN number. You can however work for old employer on expired SIN. Need have to wait until you get an extension. Go here if you need clarification...
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    June 2019 AOR cases

    Progress bar is back !!
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    Hi Guys Need Your Expert Opinion..!!

    It happened to all of us. I was surprised to see it dissapear too. It's prolly a website issue or something...
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    June 2019 AOR cases

    We are processing blah blah...
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    June 2019 AOR cases

    AOR: June 12th MEP: July 17th Last week when the status bar said > 45 days left , I sent a webform asking for status. Got the reply yesterday and ever since that , the status bar dissapeared. I have not received any emails or ghost updates. Maybe they are maintaining the website. Maybe...
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    Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

    100% In Canada approval letter is not an official letter like PGWP or BOWP.
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    Called IRCC- Unable to find application

    Hi All, Yesterday I got a reply from an agent saying that the application is within the processing time, so I'll have to wait till they update my application blah blah. But I checked my account and now the status bar is gone. Until Monday it said 37 days left and after getting the reply on...
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    Salary vs hours

    32 hours per week.