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    Police clearance certificate - India

    Hi Yes that is fine. You can apply again.
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    Congratulations! That is the PPR mail.. And i think they botched up and sent you the wrong mail. I've read it somewhere before too. Following link has someone with PPR from Nigeria, and it should have said VFS Ghana in your mail too...
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    Maybe it's down for adding the "Progress bar"? But i hope i'm wrong and there are more PPRs :)
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    CPCO-FinalRequest extension request

    I won't be of much help here, but: 1. I think it is highly difficult to extend it from what i've read and heard. I think only in exceptional circumstances. Since you are vacationing, i don't know whether it applies to your case 2. I think our applications are processed at different Vos (Visa...
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    Meet and Greet group for Delhi PPR holders

    Hi all I noticed there isn't any such thread existing(or maybe couldn't find it) and was thinking it'll be a great idea for people with PPR/COPR to meet up in delhi(those that are near here) to connect and maybe form friendships. Will be a great support method and may make the move more easy...
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    Congratulations! Happy that so many PPRs are coming today! Anyone up for a meet greet session in Delhi? Would be great to connect and foster some good friendships before we move!
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    I think you're right! Congratulations to all the lucky ones!
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    Yes it will not be impossible. That's why sponsorship is there. However, consider this situation: You have a CRS score of 450 as single applicant without spouse points. With spouse your score decreases to let's say 430 (No education qualification of spouse/poor english results resulting in 0...
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    Great news! Application approved and PP in transit from VO to VAC. Called and was informed i'll be able to collect it on Monday! Finally I can breathe now :)
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    Landing in Canada - December 2016 Update

    Excellent report. Thanks! I'd like to request you to add to the report now that you've been there quite sometime, i'm assuming. Will be great for the rest of us waiting to get there. Thanks
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    Please let's be civil. This forum has been a welcome change from the daily life situations by being an exemplary place of helpfulness and real fellowship. And most people on this forum are extremely helpful and nice. Let's continue the tradition and not fight amongst ourselves. And here's to...
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    Discussion groups for Pre-ITA, post-ITA, PPR & Landing, Ontario on Telegram

    Hi legalfalcon, First of all your presence, help and commitment is greatly appreciated and quite commendable! Thanks a lot for being there! Could you please add me to the PPR and Landing group? Received my PPR on 26th Nov. Thanks!
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    No one can say for sure, but having said that the current trend doesn't seem to suggest that scores will come down below the 440-450 mark. My brother's been in queue with 411 points for, i think,2 years (his profile expired 6 months ago after which he didn't bother again) I'd say you need...
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    Thanks! You may change your "Family history" from your profile page even after ITA. The link's somewhere on the top i believe. I don't remember correctly but i think the form warned me before i changed my status to spouse accompanying, that if my changes result in my points dropping below my...
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    Hello all! Somehow, I've missed this thread. So i got the golden mail on 23rd Nov! Submitted the Passports and now waiting with fingers crossed! My timeline and case history: I first applied as a single applicant(spouse not accompanying and just hours before the draw!). Got the ITA and then...
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    Proof of Funds - Gift deed from parent

    Apologies if iwasn't clear enough... I DID transfer money to my account AFTER receiving ITA. My balance before ITA was negligible (around 3k CAD). And i received my PPR last week. But having said that, while I hadn't applied and was searching for an answer to the same query, it was consistently...
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    Proof of Funds - Gift deed from parent

    Hi. Both above replies are correct, only wanted to add that I did this myself (got the entire amount in gift deed transferred to me, by cheque, and after i received the ITA) and got the PPR. However , my bank account was existing and not new.
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    Gift deed please help

    As tobs said, in between spouse is not a problem. However, perhaps you can simply have it made. Would leave little room for doubt or delay in that manner. Just my thought...
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    ECA through IQAS

    Hi, In my understanding, only highest degree is required to be assessed. I got only my masters degree assessed and got an ITA and a PPR. However, that was because my Bachelors college was taking a long time to hand me my transcripts. I believe the fee is same for both one or two degree (you...