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    March 23rd IELTS candidates let's meet here

    I am very disappointed to see me result. Please share tips for Reading and Listening. I highly needed
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    Ielts CLB 10. Here are my few tips

    my main weakness in Listening Part is Section 3, where the two or more students discuss the research or project. My problem is I am not able to pace up with the speed with which the students discuss things. I mean I don't understand the question when I concentrate on listening. Thus difficult...
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    My recent IELTS experience: scoring 8 in Writing

    you can watch video of Chris his channel name is ADVANTAGE
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    Ielts CLB 10. Here are my few tips

    Thank you so much for sharing the tips and your preparation in detail. I took a few IELTS mock tests and found that my listening is extremely poor. I am getting average in Reading though (8/9). Can you share some tips in Listening? I mean its incredible that you scored 9/9 in Listening!
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    Clarification on : Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees.

    Hey, I have a similar case, I have a 3years of Diploma in 'Communication" from SV Polytechnic Bhopal college and I have 3 years of Engineering in similar branch 'Electronics of Telecommunication' from SGSITS College Indore, Am I eligible for "Two or more certificates/diplomas or degrees, one...