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  1. Dr_Midnite

    No interview (pls help)

    We completed the test but no interview that day, they only checked the PR card and none of the other documents. Our file stayed as "In-Process" for 2 months, it changed to DM and then a week later we got the oath invite. Some people get DM the same day or shortly after, some get DM weeks later...
  2. Dr_Midnite

    Under 18 Finger Print Request

    But did you call CIC?
  3. Dr_Midnite

    Under 18 Finger Print Request

    Did you call CIC!!!!!!!! Logic dictates they should not, as such calling CIC to validate is the only option!
  4. Dr_Midnite

    IRCC wants Fingerprints from 10 year old

    Also IRCC will not deny a request for Citizenship because of this, they will simply make a request for fingerprints as part of the application process. As per the previous post please provide the exact wording so people are able to help you.
  5. Dr_Midnite

    June 2019 citizenship applicants

    Admin please update the file. Invite for Oath - Jan 31st Oath Date - Feb 13th
  6. Dr_Midnite

    Rcmp fingerprint processing time

    You have to allow up to 14 days for processing.
  7. Dr_Midnite

    Did any Elderly person is waived with the interview.

    Yes, called for Oath, NO separate interview.
  8. Dr_Midnite

    July 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    The link below outlines the criteria for urgent processing of a Citizenship application. Note, it does make reference to ill health within the family...
  9. Dr_Midnite

    September 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    CIC do not update ECAS online when they receive the prints, our files shows when the request for additional information was made but not confirmed when received. Did not impact our application moving through the process and now at DM. Usually about 2 weeks for standard FP processing, if you want...
  10. Dr_Midnite

    Application Returned - Incomplete

    You are able to use all your existing forms, they send the entire package back to you, all you need to do is comply with their request and return the same forms with the new piece of information. You will have to be able to demonstrate that the Degree was taught in English, do you have proof of...
  11. Dr_Midnite

    Did any Elderly person is waived with the interview.

    Some friends had a situation where the Spouse was over 55 and the husband was not. He sat the test and followed the standard process. She received a FP request, he did not and they both received their Oath invite for the same day. Other than that there was no separate invite for any interview...
  12. Dr_Midnite

    Withdrawing Citizenship application

    If you asked for the application for all the family members to be processed together you will likely need to withdraw all the applications then resubmit for your wife. Each application is assessed on it's own merit as such if she resubmits then it will be on her own eligibility to become a citizen.
  13. Dr_Midnite

    October 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    Well to answer the question of what you should submit, you need to fix the mistake on your spouses application form then return it back to IRCC for processing. They will return the entire application pack to you, this will include your application and that of your spouses. Same happened to us...
  14. Dr_Midnite

    October 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    You can change it online without any issues, I did the same thing. They had a different address when PR was completed, even though on the form I stated mailing was the same as home address. I simply changed it and after a few days the system updated.
  15. Dr_Midnite

    August 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    It varies, some get DM the day after, for us we took the test on Nov 8th and we got DM Jan 13th.
  16. Dr_Midnite

    Immigration officers/moving

    You should also report your passport as lost so it is cancelled, then apply for an emergency travel document.
  17. Dr_Midnite

    Mississauga Citizenship Applicants

    Schedules are generally only available online for the month you are currently in for most locations. The CIC site updates generally monthly, in Mississauga they are showing the full schedule from the start of January to the end...
  18. Dr_Midnite

    By the time the test comes

    As your son was below 18 at the time of application he will not be invited for the test and will not require an interview. As such he will not need to bring any documents because he will not be going through an interview. He will be required to complete the Oath. Immigration base everything on...
  19. Dr_Midnite

    June 2019 citizenship applicants

    We passed the test on Nov 8th, ECAS did not change to DM until Jan 13th so nothing to worry about.
  20. Dr_Midnite

    Test ID Requirements?

    Everything you need is clearly listed in the letter, below is what was extracted from my letter. This notice;  2 pieces of personal identification, one of which has your photograph and signature on it; (e.g. driver's license, health card, etc.)  All your original documents that support...