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  1. foodie69

    Grandma's home

    I see.. there is certainly an issue with border control into Canada. Showing up with tools and a trailer full of furniture is very suspicious to say the least. Even if your intentions are pure and honest, convincing them is going to be a struggle. I would not worry about duty or import, it is...
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    Grandma's home

    What makes you think it will be a problem?
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    Cleaning work

    Will Bananas work too?
  4. foodie69

    Am I eligible?

    Improve English, learn French.. what's your score and age?
  5. foodie69

    Is Remote work allowed if PNP nominated?

    You are supposed to work and live in the province that nominates you. Pretty simple..
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    Am I eligible?

    Best start here:
  7. foodie69

    What are the acceptable Proof of Funds to Show for Canada PR Visa
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    Does not really help by just repeating the same.. what is it you want us to answer? We are not mind readers
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    Job offer

    What kind of job makes you special for a Canadian employer to hire you?
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    Job offer fake or real?

    Still fake..
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    Net worth

    Simple...Assets minus liabilities
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    Visitor Visa Refused 6 times. Apply for 7th time.

    Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results
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    Job offer fake or real? fast
  14. foodie69

    Please help.....Looking for undergraduate university without english proficiency requirement

    Your brother wants to study in Canada.. the two official languages are English and French. In order for your brother to follow and understand the course content, he needs to adequately understand the language spoken. The only way to insure he is capable to do so, is having an independent and...
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    Can a pregnant international student get any health support?

    What's wrong with Pierre?
  16. foodie69

    Can a pregnant international student get any health support?

    Do you ever read your own responses? Got nothing to do with the thread in question, again..
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    How I can check LMIA

    You can't.. did you pay money for it?
  18. foodie69

    Landed Immigrant vs Permanent Resident

    Free health care?
  19. foodie69

    Address history and work history don't match

    Just go ahead with your initial plan.. it is not a big deal. Your address of residency is more important than where and how you sleep while working