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    IRCC Portal issue

    Hello, my parents and me hired a representative for their PGP application. The representative is now unable to access his own representative portal, and has filed complaints with IRCC, but received no answer. Since the deadline is not far, he suggested my parents create a portal, submit through...
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    Departure tax

    Most brokerages require a Canadian residence, so when you depart, they will either freeze (I am not sure this is an option at all brokerages) or sell your positions, realizing any unrealized gain/loss, and thus you need to pay long/short term capital gain taxes on such gains held in taxable...
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    Spouse Add or Not Add into PR application

    a) Unsure on this, but not adding your spouse is unlikely to be the only reason b) They might ask evidence of your intent to settle in Canada
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    Work related travel outside Canada

    I worked in a Canadian university (full time, continuously) for the past 3 years. My wife works in a university in Miami. This situation -- spouses working at different universities located far apart -- is actually quite common in academia (the so-called "two-body problem"...
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    Work related travel outside Canada

    Thanks a lot for the clarification. Yes, my trips are for business (can get letters from my supervisor/employer and the host institution to prove this). I don't have a place in the US, and my destinations are mostly scattered across the US (FL, VA, IN). My parents are in Italy, and I visit them...
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    Work related travel outside Canada

    Thanks a lot for the info!
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    PR status and travel to Canada

    You can definitely travel to Canada. You can also travel next year as long as your PR status is not revoked (note: it is not automatically revoked when you do not meet the RO, they must go through all the process). You're still a PR, you enter Canada by right, not privilege.
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    Work related travel outside Canada

    Hello, I got invited to apply for PGP this year. I haven't applied yet, but will be in Canada when I'll apply. I am a PR, who travels a lot for work related purposes (I can get letters from both my department chair, and the receiving institution), including internationally, for some ~3 months...
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    PGP PCC timeline

    Hello, from your experiences, what is the timeline between submitting the PGP application and receiving the PCC requests? How much time is generally given to provide such PCC? All I could find about PCC for PGP is something like "PCC are not requested at the time of the application"... Thanks!
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    PGP Police Certificates

    Hello, I got invited to sponsor my parents this year. Haven't submitted yet. I'd wish to ask about police certificates required for my parents: they were born in China, and lived there until early 30s, and visited several times after (but none of these visits is 6+ months long) they lived in...
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    Can you 'land' in Canada during a 5 hr stopover from US to Carribean Islands?

    Sure, the printed expiration date on CoPR is just the latest date you can land. After landing you are PR, and teh CopR is valid independently of the printed expiry date.
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    Notarized Documents for work permit with LMIA

    you can do all, online, paper or flagpole. Online and mail take weeks, flagpole takes few hours but requires you to go to the border.
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    Job offer

    yes, job offer and your acceptance is before LMIA. LMIA costs 1000 CAD and there is no meaning doing it if the employer is not sure you want the job
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    Notarized Documents for work permit with LMIA

    "flagpole" is exiting across Canadian border, get the harmless "administrative refusal" from the US, then come back to Canada and process the docs at the CBSA office
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    returning PR away for 2years how to file tax, ccbetc

    1.will there be problem at landing? what kind of questions are we gonna be asked? No, you cannot fail to meet RO since less than 3 years have passed since landing. The most they can ask if why you were out of Canada for 2+ years can we fill for previous tax years, or i mean do we need to...
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    PR card resubmission photos outside Canada

    > Can i sent photos outside canada directly to CIC? is there any issues?. yes, no issues > if its ok , How long does it takes to process PR cards. Anyone's guess, but most cases seen here were 2-4 weeks after IRCC got the new photos
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    Lost passport copies for medical request - Paksitan

    you could write a letter of explanation asking IRCC for more time to do your medicals
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    For FSWT. urgent enquiry...

    the most one can tell with this little info is that you have enough education to be potentially qualified for both programs...
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    Query on PCC

    Here are the requirements for PCC from India The PCC(s) have to cover all your past stay in India.