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    Non-Express Entry(PNP) Online Applications Gather here

    Same here, hope we get good news soon.
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    Non-Express Entry(PNP) Online Applications Gather here

    It's really encouraging your feedback and give us hope that our applications between April to June are still there and not lost. Thanks for the update.
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    FEB , MAR 2021 on wards Paper Based PR Applicants (PNP) waiting for AOR/MR/PPR/COPR - Let's join here and share application updates and status

    Still alot of ppl waiting from April 2021 for AOR, so don't worry you are not the only one. They give AOR randomly for ppl applied thru online portal , I even saw ppl from Nov. 2021 got it. We will have to wait that's all.
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    Provincial Nominee Program

    The new online portal is for non EE applicants so you can either apply thru it or apply by paper, it's your choice.
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    MPNP- Paper based pr application vs online application

    online is new portal and alomst no one received AOR from it to date, rare cases are there although, however paper based are currently recieve AOR from AR applicants from Jan, Feb, and most recently started March all 2021 , so we are talking about 11 to 12 months wait for paper based...
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    can i courier passport internationally? by fedex/dhl

    You can send it to VSF in the country you live in now.
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    MPNP via Express entry

    its depend on the case officer from Manitoba they can change your nomination to EE as long as they didnt issue the certificate yet and it happened to someone I know 2 years back.
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    PNP: Chaging IELTS Score After Receiving ITA

    Dont update the new test results before 28 Feb 2022 if you wipp submit your application before that date.
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    PNP: Chaging IELTS Score After Receiving ITA

    Everything in your profile is freezed once you submit your application, so if you submit before 28 Feb 2022, you should be fine, and you can add the new test as additional doucment. So its better to submit your application asap.
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    Help! Am I screwed?

    I do not think telling all the real circumstances will get you screwed, try to be positive and do not lie or hide any information, they will not consider mispresentation for something you forgot which will not affect your application such as a trip to France, but if something might affect your...
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    PNP Outland 2020 AOR connect here

    Maybe your application will get finalized before your marriage, And in that case you will have to sponsor your wife later, I dont think intention of marriage will dleay the processing of the application, in case yiu gpt married before your application finalized you canadd your spouse and for...
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    Primary candidate has indian passport but dependent kids has USA passport

    Depend on the office you have sent to, but usualy within 10 working days, and the next step is to do your landing before the expiry date in the visa issued, and have to be the main applicant first , or the whole family together. dependants cant do landing before the main applicant.
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    Primary candidate has indian passport but dependent kids has USA passport

    My dear getting your PR visa on your PPs are different from getting normal entry visa from USA to Canada.