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    Post ITA - Family Details

    Hi - just wondering if I need to include my accompanying spouse and child in the family details section? Appreciate your help.
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    Personal History - Help

    Hi guys...I received ITA on Nov28 and have finalized my application for submission. I am confused on few things and really appreciate your help and clarifications. 1. Personal history is months and year. So can one activity finish in Aug and next start in Sept? I had quit one job in Aug and...
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    Use of other names - Clarification

    My surname is my fathers first name on all passports. However, my name on my bachelors degree has my fathers full name which has also been pointed out by WES on the first page of my ECA report. My questions are: 1. Do I need to choose Yes to use of other names? Personally I don’t see any harm...
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    Cancelling a representative

    {Query on behalf of a friend} A friend applied through a consultant and got a refusal due to an error which could have easily been detected by them. The consultant is going to apply again but she wants to it herself this time since her experience was horrible and she never had access to her...
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    Need help in choosing NOC code

    Dear Fellows, I have completed all requirements of EE and now preparing my profile. I need help in choosing a suitable NOC code as my roles are overlapping multiple codes. I work as an assistant relationship manager in a commercial bank. My job is to manage portfolio of company accounts...