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    Need help identifying NOC for foreign experience

    Hi folks, I need some help to ensure I select the correct NOC for my foreign experience. The role is technically an IT Service Desk Supervisor which I believe is 2282, but the role's description does not quite match. Any ideas which NOC I should be looking at? To perform service level...
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    Modifying express entry profile information after ETA

    Hi Guys, Would I be able to modify details from my express entry profile after I get an ETA? Specifically, I entered random data for the ECA report, so I would be able to submit my profile. Would I be able to update it with the correct info when I get the report?
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    Does Canadian experience Noc have to match foreign experience noc?

    Can i have two different nocs for my experience? I have been working in Canada as a systems administrator (noc 2281) for the past year. My experience in my home country is in noc 2282 as a service desk supervisor. Is this ok? Will i be awarded the points for foreign experience