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    ###### BOWP applied in March or April. ########

    Any applied for BOWP recently ? Your timeline ,?
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    ####CEC Applocants AOR April 2021 join this thread

    Here is my timeline ITA 14 February 2021 Medical upfront PCC upfront AOR 6th April 2021
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    Hlooo friends Hope you all are doing well . Is anybody here who got Bridging open work permit who had LMIA employer specific work permit. Plzzz reply me thanks
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    Hlo friends , Hope you all are fine ! I have a question please anyone has knowledge tell me. I am here in canada on LMIA based work permit (closed work permit ) . My work permit is going to be expired in June 2021 . Less than 4 months . I am going to apply for CEC next week as i got ITA . After...
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    BLS PCC please share your timeline

    Hlo friends , anyone who applied for PCC through BSL plzz share your experience . Thanks
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    India PCC from Surrey

    Hii dear anyone from India get PCC from surrey
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    Draw 176 CEC anyone who applied bc PNP and got ITA of CEC

    Let's discuss what should we do if we applied for PNP
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    After 12 September 2020 Anyone got invitation ?

    Hlo guys please share your profile status if you applied after 12 September,2020
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    Draw 176 CEC join here if applied after 12 September 2020

    Share your profile status
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    Draw #176CEC

    Join if you applied after 12 September 2020
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    ECA for CEC

    Hii dear i have trade certificate from India. I didn't have ECA can I claim my education points in EEBC pnp if I don't claim points in Canadian experience class
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    BC PNP share your timeline here

    Here thread for sharing your
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    BC PNP November 2020 join here

    Plz share your timeline
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    Bc pnp via express entry

    If i don't have ECA can I apply for CEC program after nomination from EEBC? Is 67 points required out of 100 for express entry ? Thanks in advance
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    Hey friends! How are you ? Can anyone tell me for EEBC Skilled worker , ECA is required if we want to apply for Canadian experience class (CEC) after pnp nomination
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    LMIA salary

    Hlo friends , i want to ask you that i am in Canada on LMIA based work permit . If my employer wants to increase salary he can increase or not ? If yes then how much can increase? My current salary which was mentioned in LMIA 27 dollars per hour i am carpenter and i have experience 5 years...
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    Red seal

    Hlo friends , does anyone has carpenter red seal exam material? Please help me to find it
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    Need your advice

    Hi dears! I am here in on work permit. When i applied for work permit application by a Canadian immigration consultant unfortunately i was unable to upload my graduation degree which i have done graduation through distance education while working full time from my home country. He didn't...
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    Help please

    I am here in Canada on work permit. If i want to do graduation through distance education from my home country India as well as working here and go India back for exams. Would it be possible or not ? Embassy will accept this graduation after completing Please reply me Thanks
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    Red seal exam

    Hlo friends anyone can tell me how much difficult to pass red seal exam ? I want to give challenge red seal exam in carpenter trade Thanks in advance for reply me