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    PR card not received, Can i return to Canada.

    Correct, I went back to Canada prior to PR card arriving, they just asked me a few question, and then let me in.
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    Getting a driving licence?

    Unless you have a drivers license in your home country, you have to go through the process everyone else getting a license for the first time does. I had a license from my birth nation and they just switch it out for an alberta one, with out taking a test or learning process.
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    PR Card application status check

    My online status did not show any info regarding the PR card. I also was told 4 to 6 weeks, and their processing times listed on line was not accurate. My PR card arrived in ten weeks.
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    What if cap reaches after applying?

    Like everyone says your app and fees get return. But its critical to be aware of time lines. Initially I wanted to apply for FSW, and they were down to 100 spots left. I had started my application and by the time I was done they reached the cap, so I never submitted it. I used a Law firm and...
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    can i bring our computer to canada before moving?

    I have laptops and took it carry on. I no one asked me anything or said anything about it.
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    PR card

    The day i was going to fax the solemn declaration, it arrived. took about ten weeks. It doesnt hurt to fill out he form and fax it to them if its gone way beyond the processing time already.
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    Montreal vs Toronto vs Vancouver

    I like Toronto, but I grew up in NYC so i have an bias to that side of the country.
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    How much time before doing the landing

    agree, not an issue if you land before expiry date.
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    Urgent!! first port of entry. people who have done their landing in vancouver!!

    Main document is the SIN, then any documentation specific to the field. For example I am a dentist so I need to have a dental license and a SIN. For the driver license, I had a USA license they took that and along with my passport and landing paper and sin as well as a invoice from my cell...
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    PR card not received, Can i return to Canada.

    Pr card arrived today. Ten weeks total. :)
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    What Other Options are available for foreign graduated doctors in Canada

    Thats my point the other options you mention become options if you pass the med board. So the first step is take the exam and worry about residency later. By passing the med board, you degree will be recognized, so then you have other options, like nursing, radiography etx, all the stuff you...
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    Entry to Canada from USA without PR card , only CORP

    From what others have told me its no issue. .next week i fly into Canada, and I dont have a PR card, its been 9 weeks since landing, but it looksmlike cic is in slow motion. But I do have a US passport, so with that I should enter with no issue.
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    PR card not received, Can i return to Canada.

    im going to try it. The worst that can happen is they send me back. I fly into Canada in a week. I will keep you guys posted as to whether i was admitted or sent back... :) but its been 9 weeks and still waiting for a pr card.
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    What Other Options are available for foreign graduated doctors in Canada

    With out having the degree granted or recognized by Canada, its like not having a degree, so you cant really do much, with out some sort of schooling in Canada. I got applied as a dentist for immigration into Canada. Prior to even applying for immigration, I took the Canadian .Dental .board...
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    PR card

    Same here, it says 43 days for pr card, and its been 9 weeks since I landed. Im filling out the Solemn declaration form to let them know I have not received it.
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    Proof of Funds check at Landing

    the 25000 is it already in Canada? and your just bringing 2000 DD and 5000 cash? I personally was only asked if i have been convicted of a crime since receiving the Cpr, I said no and he said Welcome to Canada. no question about money.
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    Need to show PR card before issuing me a new SIN

    I got my sin card with just my usa passport, usa drivers license and the paper the landing officer gave me. I still havent recieved my pr card. maybe try a different sodial service office.
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    Transferring Money to Canada

    you may be able to use your dubai debit card in Canada. I was able to use a USA, I just had to inform my bank in the USA that I was going ti be using it in Canada.
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    PR card not received, Can i return to Canada.

    I landed on May 5 of this year. The immigration officer took my Canadian Address and told me I will receive my PR card in 4 to 6 weeks, It is now the 8th week and nothing. when I did my landing I landed and returned t o the USA. Now I had planed to go to Canada and saw that I cant fly in...