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    PR Rejected! What do I do??

    Really sorry to hear. Were you in closed work permit or PGWP? And order GCMS note for more clarity (identify which reference letter causing this issue (Foreign work exp or Canadian Work exp). If you were in closed work permit, you can contact Lawyer.
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    >>>>>>>AUGUST 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Hi, AOR last week of Aug, yet no update on MEP! How long does it take from AOR to MEP for CEC Applicant?
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    *** August 2020 AOR - Join here ***

    AOR last week of Aug, still no update on MEP! How long does it take from AOR to MEP for CEC Applicant?
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    Timeline for AOR to MEP

    Hi, May I know the timeline of AOR to MEP or R10 clearances
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    Which NOC for this particular case?

    Hi there, Did you get any answer on this or approached any lawyer? because I summited my profile with 5241. Even my duties are almost matches with 5223 (as per my reference letter) which is slightly contradict my initial work permit (LMIA) and current permit (Exempt LMIA) says 5241. Even, I'm...
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    No idea on Salary | Salary Issue in the reference letter

    thanks for your reply. But, I already submitted my application showing 10 years exp. Due to some error in my one of the submitted reference letter. I’m planning to submit it again. As mentioned, I’m not sure how much I was earning for that period. Is it fine if I can mention “approx annual...
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    No idea on Salary | Salary Issue in the reference letter

    Hi, I have a query wrt my salary for the year 2010-2010. I'm not sure how much I was earning. Hence, Can I mention approx annual salary of xxxx INR for the year 2010-2011 in the reference letter as I will be getting it (Notarized reference letter) from my former colleague. Kind regards
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    Cancellation of your declaration of interest | Urgent | Please HELP!!

    Hi, I've received the below message from Arimma portal today. Do I need to inform (raising webform) IRCC regarding the same. Does this come under any of the statutory questions? fyi, I haven't applied for visa nor that 18,000 cancelled application (Quebec), this is just the declaration of...
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    Designation Mismatch in personal history | Please Advise

    Hi there, Post AOR query, I made a mistake on my spouse’s personal history. I have described his job as "Clerical Job" instead of his designation (Executive). But while obtaining open work permit before, I have mentioned his designation as "Executive “ for the same employer. Does this...
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    Hi, Selection of Wrong NOC won't considered as misrepresentation. Did you prove to claim from NOC C to NOC B?
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    Urgent Query | Post AOR | Concern with submitted Job Offer letter

    Hi There, I have submitted my PR application under CEC class. In one of my Canadian experience I've signed my offer letter again in which my signature differs from the previous one's offer letter (Work permit approved based on the offer letter during the flag pole). So now if they verify the...