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  1. rawdah

    Moving from Montreal to Calgary

    Thread for Calgary settlers. You may find helpful.
  2. rawdah

    Calgary - Alberta Settlers, Let's Network here

    Engineering jobs are less and also highly competitive to get. Oil and gas sector jobs are badly affected and may need some good time to be back on track.
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    Calgary - Alberta Settlers, Let's Network here

    Industrial Butcher job is available at Cargill company, High river, 37 kms from Calgary. 17.60 $ per hour salary. Cashier jobs at Safeway, Walmart, 7 Eleven in Calgary may not be very difficult to get. (Around 12 $ per hour)...
  4. rawdah

    PR Card Photos rejected

    You can put the date the photo was taken yourself by pen. No need for stamp. Take photos from the country where you are presently residing as per the photo specs ( be careful regarding the face size), put the date the photo was taken on the back of the photo, courier it to your friend in Canada...
  5. rawdah

    PR card delivery from canada to india

    Send it via DHL courier - Online pickup service. It is reliable. You can also declare the shipment content as Permanent Resident card.
  6. rawdah

    Better Province to Settle

    I second purplesnow. You need to do your research yourself. The following link may help you to decide which is the better province / city for you in Canada.
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    Edmonton, Alberta settlers Join here

    March will be cold & snowy. May will be better. Keep ready to show at the airport the following: Declaration Card (will be provided in the plane to fill) Passport + COPR ( of each family member) Proof of Settlement funds Canadian address for PR Card, if you have one of your friends / relatives...
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    Edmonton' VS Calgary ?

    Survival jobs may be easy to get but the job in your own profession may not be easy to get, especially in this recession time.
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    Calgary - Alberta Settlers, Let's Network here

    It depends. Sometimes it's included and sometimes not. Read the ad carefully. For most of the apartments / condos: the water, electricity and heat charges are included in the rent. Also electric stove and fridge is provided. However, check the details with the owner / managing company before...
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    Calgary - Alberta Settlers, Let's Network here

    Survival jobs are there in Calgary. New immigrants are eligible to avail student loans for studies. Contact the institution for more details.
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    Calgary - Alberta Settlers, Let's Network here

    1. $1100 per month semi furnished (fridge, electric stove), check Calgary place apartment in downtown. 2. You can show bank statement as a address proof for health card application. Use your friends address in your bank account. 3. Check Koodo, virgin mobile, wind, chatr etc
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    Moving to Calgary in mid Oct-Nov with 2 kids

    You will get furnished apartments for few days from
  13. rawdah

    Feel Free to contact for any Help in GTA just for Prays

    Happy to see people like you coming forward and extending your support to new immigrants. :)
  14. rawdah

    Saudi Arabia based Applicant

    In case of Alberta, Original Saudi driving license and its English translation will suffice. You also need to submit and surrender your original Saudi driving license. 1 year waiting period for road test will be waived.
  15. rawdah

    Saudi Arabia based Applicant

    I got driving record letter from Maroor office located at Al Nasiriya Street in Riyadh. Will be easy to get it if you take the service of Saudi civilian agents roaming inside the Maroor office compound. It is called Ruksa Bayanah in Arabic. Get it on Maroor letter head. If you are moving to...
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    Seniors pls help Stuck in Tricky Situation

    Request them to allow you to stamp passport from CPC - O visa office.
  17. rawdah

    Saudi Arabia based Applicant

    Yes, raise CSE and ask them.
  18. rawdah

    Re: FSW 2014 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

    Use They are reliable and charge $25
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    Calgary - Alberta Settlers, Let's Network here

    Toronto is better choice than Calgary at the moment. Alberta will take some time to recover.