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    >>>>>>>SEPTEMBER 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Guys got my PR portal email today after 1 and a half year and just wanted to say that to everyone here. Thank you everyone for being on the same boat and encouraging each other. Yours will come soon. My timelines AOR: Sep 18, 2020 Fsw inland Vo Ottawa Medicals : passed in Oct 23 2021...
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    NOC code for social media coordinator

    hi all, I used NOC 1123 for the application. still pending but eligibility passed so I guess it's ok to use 1123.
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    >>>>>>>SEPTEMBER 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    I did and I attached an LOE saying I applied for the public policy 18 months extension. I got approved but it was a BOWP which I never applied for, and only for 12 months T.T
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    BOWP instead of extended permit under public policy

    My passport valid til 2025. My pgwp issued jun 2020, expiring jun 2021, I applied for new permit under public policy april 2021
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    BOWP instead of extended permit under public policy

    Hi all, I applied to extend my PGWP last month with a LOE that clearly stated I applied under the new policy for 18 months and got approved. However, when I received the print permit, it’s only 12 months and remarks were TR status maintained as per R183(6), and Pending APR. I am eligible for a...
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    Extension of pgwp under new public policy - only 12 months

    Hi all, I applied a week ago to extend my pgwp to an open work permit under the public policy that states ircc will extend 18 months for current pgwp hodlers and my application was approved yesterday. However, the length of the permit is only 12 months,expiring may 7 2022. Anyone has the same...
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    PGWP under a new public policy

    Hi, is it jun 8 2021 or 2022? They say 18 months and you only got 4 month extension?
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    >>>>>>>SEPTEMBER 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    My timeline is as below: AOR: Sep 01 Medical passed: Oct 05 RPRF request: Nov 25 RPRF paid and uploaded: Dec 3 (I missed their 7 day deadline, dont know if this will affect anything, already raised a web form stating I was busy with work which is the truth and didn’t see their email)...
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    Missed 7 day deadline for permanent residence fee

    Hi all, I just checked my application today and saw a correspondence from 25 Nov 2020 (I saw it 1am Dec 3 2020). It says I must upload the receipt of my Right of Permanent Residence Fee within 7 days or my application might be rejected. I made the payment, uploaded the receipt already, but...
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    I forgot Police clearance check for Canada

    I think I'm in trouble. I got my ITA and got all documents and when I submitted everything, I included the police clearance document in my country but forgot to add the clearance for Canada (I've been staying for over a year now). What should I do? Has anyone encountered this problem and get...
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    Certificate of qualification required in federal skilled worker?

    I also thought so and I went back to the Study and language section but I didn't find any question like that. But I did see that in the section Work History. I answered Yes, now I fixed that and it's ok now. Thanks for your reply!
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    Certificate of qualification required in federal skilled worker?

    Hi all, I got ITA but in my application, CIC requires Certificate of Qualifications while I don't have anything like that. I had a graduate certificate and also didn't see anywhere in the questionnaire on that. Is this normal and what should I do? FYI, I have past experience in NOC 4021...
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    Online courses business

    Hi all, I would like to start my online course business, which can be easily set up online but I'm concerned on the legality of my business and also tax. Where should I look at wrt legality of this? My status: open work permit. Thanks.
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    4) In the ITA: NOTE: If you had a birthday since we sent you this invitation, and the change to your age decreases your points total, this will not cause us to refuse your application for permanent residence. So I think your age won't affect your application.
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    Job bank for LMIA

    I also think so. thanks !
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    Job bank for LMIA

    Has anyone succeeded in finding a job that has LMIA through job bank in marketing / communications? Wondering if I should even spend time making the effort... Thanks!
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    proof of funds

    Hi all, I am supported by my family for now since I just graduated. For the proof of funds, my mom can send me. Will that be accepted by cic wrt POF? Thanks!
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    FSW - Proof of employment

    Hello all, I have 2 questions: 1. I have 1 year of experience in a restaurant, where I was paid cash due to the work scenario in my country (we sometimes don't have contract and we pay cash). My supervisor resigned, but he was the director. He agreed to help but since he resigned, he may not...
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    NOC code for social media coordinator

    Hello all, My duties in my job was as follows: • Support planning and execution of social media plans for company’s client. • Coordinate social media projects for the company’s client within a team with designers, content writers and account manager. • Oversee and assist with the creation of...