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  1. mayjuly

    Thank you >>>>>>>>> Legalfalcon <<<<<<<<<<<

    Hi @legalfalcon! My medicals expired on 31st Oct 2020 and were extended on 23rd Nov. I called IRCC today and found that they were extended until 31 May 2021, but also that my eligibility is still under Review Required. My file has been in this state since ~Jan 2020 because two PDFs I submitted...
  2. mayjuly

    Got email to send today but medical expires in 10 days

    Did you apply from India as well? If so yours is the first I've seen in so many months!
  3. mayjuly

    >>>>>>>OCTOBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    This was announced a week ago, actually:
  4. mayjuly

    PPR delays due to covid-19

    A blank value for Security typically indicates that it's done.
  5. mayjuly

    >>>>>>>NOVEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Oh great, mine is almost exactly the same (I have Ready to Finalize too, and I submitted additional docs in April), although my RR reason is a bit more…silly. Two docs I initially submitted (both related to employment) weren't opening in Adobe Reader, so I had to recreate and resend them. The...
  6. mayjuly

    >>>>>>>NOVEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Stuck in the same situation! What is your RR about?
  7. mayjuly

    PPR delays due to covid-19

    All three have Sydney, Australia as their VO; I don't really know anything else!
  8. mayjuly

    >>>>>>>OCTOBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Amazing, congratulations! Do you know which office/VO handled your case?
  9. mayjuly

    Ray of Hope - 139th Draw

    Nope, but scraping is easy enough: $ curl -s | grep -e 'Date and time of round' -e 'CRS score of lowest-ranked' -e 'Number of invitations' -e 'Tie-breaking...
  10. mayjuly

    >>>>>>>OCTOBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    I'm skeptical about your claim of "10-12 months": How do you know that your application was "standard" and not exceptional? Why is IRCC's posted processing time still "6 months"?
  11. mayjuly

    Ray of Hope - 136th Draw

    Unfortunately you can't apply, you have to wait for an NOI to be sent to you. This selection is usually based on a specific NOC or French skills, in addition to your CRS score. For example, the most recent OINP draw issued NOIs for a couple of tech-related NOCs, for CRS scores in the range...
  12. mayjuly

    Ray of Hope - 135th Draw

    This page details a few useful resources: "French in Action" is especially valuable; even if you just watch the videos through a couple times (without working through the exercises, etc.) you can hold your own in conversational French...
  13. mayjuly

    What are my chances?

    Hard to say, but definitely not soon, if I had to guess.