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    Lambton College, Toronto - Jan intake 2017

    Hi bro, i had received offer letter for the same program for September 2020 intake. How is the course and the job opportunity after completion. It will be a great help.
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    Does MBA from india may be a reason for visa rejection for Post graduate certificate courses

    I am in the same situation applied for sept 2020 intake. Since you had done it already how was your experience?
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    September 2020 intake

    Hi guys anybody applied for Advanced project management and leadership in lambton college for September 2020 intake?
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    Lambton college, toronto september 2020 intake

    Congratulations guys..!! I had applied for project management course in lambton college sarnia. Just wanted to know are you guys still looking forward for September intake considering the pandemic situation factors. I am in the process of decision making.Each of your opinions would be highly...