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    March 2018 AOR - join here!

    Pls add me : +38978441044 Tnx in advance
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    Express Entry ITA Whatsapp group

    Please add me +38978441044
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    Documents after ITA

    Please tell me if u provide certified copies from the original document :? :P
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    ITA Travel History: Lost Passport

    Hello, Do u remember how many blank fields were on the application form for travel history ?:P
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    Proof of Funds (Express Entry)

    Hi, 1.My wife is principal applicant but the money are on my bank account (she is authorized on the same account). I suppose there is no problem for showing IRCC bank certificate on my account + wife authorization? 2. Because she is principal applicant she will show pay slips on her work...
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    Uploading documents as one

    Tnx for the tutorial... One question... Should we remove the blank from scanning with cropping the scanned pictures?
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    OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

    Thanks ur great! One more question.... U mean 4mbg of all the documents or of section of documents, i mean 4mgb od work experience, 4 mgb of education bla bla ....??? And the stupid thing is that we need to notarize every translated document :S
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    OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

    Dude should I get Letter of Reference now, before getting NOI ? How old can be ?
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    IQAS ECA Assessment

    Can anyone help, how to send ECA to OINP where is no option for duplicate certificate on IQAS web site .. Please help
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    OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

    Guys I cannot create job bank account because of error of 5 number confirmation code. it has to be 4 number, but on my email I got 5 number code.. whats the problem ?
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    Ontario PNP (OINP) - 2018: Join here

    Add me on whatsup :) +38978441044
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    Ontario PNP (OINP) 2018 Discussion

    When u mean recreating it means that u delete the entire profile and create it again, or just withdraw the application ?
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    OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

    RECREATING EE PROFILE FOR NOI ? Guys first I wish u luck ! I have few questions: 1. Should I recreate profile or withdraw application? (in the answer sheet for new profile should we pick that we already applied? 2. Opening OINP profile is after getting NOI in EE or before ? thanks in advance...
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    OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

    Guys i need your help. I got NOI today, we need to submit at the end of 31.12.2017, so tell me about the copy from WES & IQAS that should be send to OINP. My wife is principal applicant and she made ECA on WES, mine is from IQAS, do we need : - to make both of us copies from wes and iqas to...
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    Proof Of Funds - Gift Deed Timeline

    Tnx !! The problem in my country is that u cannot transfer foreign currency from bank to bank, so my father take off the money in cash and gave it to me, and I right away put them on my bank account ( Both of us have printed transactions that we can show with the gift deed) I suppose its ok :))...
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    Proof Of Funds - Gift Deed Timeline

    Dear friend, Im in same situation, why should I have affidavit, when we already notarized gift deed ?
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    IQAS ECA Assessment

    Dear dreamers :) I'm in little bit delicate situation. 1. Tell me is it possible my bachelor to be recognized by IQAS, because is not by WES? 2. Is it risky to have only Master recognized and not bachelor, (my wife is principal applicant). Thanks in advance, i'll appreciate your opinion. FORZA...