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    Who-accompanied-whom can matter for PRs living with citizen spouse abroad: UPDATE

    Did you see this one @dpenabill? I recognize that the decisions are not binding for other cases but this is another one where it shows that it is not as clear as some state [I am not referring to a specific xomment] about the need for the PR to follow the citizen in order for the time to...
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    Residential address question

    Why even apply?
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    Are you in compliance with your residency obligation?
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    Residential address question

    What form are you completing? The simplest answer would seem to be listing the place you live at as your residence, and using another address (if needed), as your mailing address.
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    PRTD online application via PR portal

    Where is this PR portal? Is this just for locations where the VAC is closed?
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    Not meeting RO but want to renew PR card on H&C grounds

    If you are able to enter through US without applying for a PRTD, and aren’t reported, you might consider waiting until you are back in compliance with RO before going to pick up the card - or following up on it. This might not be possible, but given how out of compliance with RO you are, any...
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    Not meeting RO but want to renew PR card on H&C grounds

    How out of compliance with residency obligation are you? Or another way, in the last five years, how many days have you spent in Canada?
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    PRTD valid time

    Not sure the experiences of others would matter. The context of your situation matters. Anecdotally, have seen reports of multiple entry, multiple year PRTDs for PRs who reside abroad with a Canadian citizen spouse; and also single entry documents with six months of time to use it.
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    Lost PR Card and Keeping PR Status

    Whether you already have a SIN is important for whether you are able to work. If you don’t have one already, it will be difficult to get one without a PR card. But, I would note that since you landed only landed on 7, 2021, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to immediately apply for...
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    In breach of RO, going on vacation to Canada in May

    Looking forward to @jakklondon coming back with his amazing border story.
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    how do i send a personal message in this forum

    For urgent assistance, you should probably seek legal counsel.
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    Reg. toddler SIN

    Agree with recommendation; better to apply than potentially have to have delays later on. My eldest received her SIN when she was <2 after returning (born abroad), and younger soon after birth (born in Canada).
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    Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) application

    Unless you signed a contract that somehow requires you to return and spend an unknown amount of time, potentially longer than your notice period, I don’t see the obligation to return for any leaving formalities. What’s the worse that could happen, you lose a reference? There may be a way to get...
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    Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) application

    Since you have a job in Canada, do you have to travel back to Singapore and serve the notice period? I ask because there is no way to guarantee how long it could take for the PRTD to be processed, even in a very straightforward case as you have.
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    Service Canada Wait Times

    Not sure any are going to have a shorter wait time, and hoping to squeeze in before/during appointments might not work. I’d recommend at least getting an appointment at a location while standing in landing hoping for quick service.
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    3+ years out of Canada, PR Card Valid, entering from US

    You are a PR so you won’t be denied entry. Not being compliant with RO, you may be reported; no way to no for sure if or when you would be reported, a lot of it rests with the CBSA officer.
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    Renouncing PR Status

    You don’t need a PR card when crossing by land.
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    Renouncing PR Status

    Thank you for the detailed response, @dpenabill.
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    Renouncing PR Status

    I appreciate the positive responses to a question about a PR accompanying their Canadian citizen spouse abroad. Often it seems a common response is declaring that the accompanying provision doesn’t apply.
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    Expired Canadian Permanent Residency

    PR status doesn’t expire; the date you are thinking of is probably the date on your PR card which is close to meaningless. Unless your PR status is revoked or you renounce, you remain a PR.