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    It's progressing. What's your Noc and are you inland or outland?
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    Any Noc 6211 outland gotten noi this year? And can Alberta send noi to self employed business? Or a situation where wife works with/for husband. We have a factory and my duties fall under 6211
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    Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP)

    Please what do you people do to apply for AIPP? Can some direct me to the path? Thank you
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    This NSE route looks like a scam. I haven't seen anyone the 20 calendar days worked for.everything still take more than 3/4 months.
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    Study Permit Challenges for Nigerian Applicants

    Hi there everyone. I've got a question. Going to a private institution that is a DLI certified but no PGWP available. Upon graduation and an immediate job offer does the person qualify for work permit? Although the school have a pathway (for another course affiliated with another institution)...
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    SINP October 2019 Express Entry ITA Please Join Here

    Congratulations For POF if they were in FD what did they ask for? Statement of account before you put them in FD?
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    SINP October 2019 Express Entry ITA Please Join Here

    Sinp clearly stated on their website they don't accept gift deed. Follow sinp website stated rules and requirements not your consultant who doesn't have a say on the outcome of your application. Sinp is tough on proof of funds. Go read up on their site
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    Application received still
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    You and me both. Submitted 12th dec. What's your noc? Mine is 0621
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    NOI Alberta

    Any connection to Alberta?
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    Alberta Express Entry Stream

    Congratulations. What's your noc?
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    Alberta PNP (AINP): June-July-August

    Wow congrats...You mean you got notification of interest from Alberta on 16th Jan 2020? Please what's your crs and noc?
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    Ainp timelines you have ties to Alberta?
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    Alberta AINP March 2019 NOI Notification of Interest

    Can't find anyone who was among this Jan 9 NOI...anyone????
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    NOI Alberta

    Congratulations. What's your Noc
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    SINP :- International Skilled Worker - Express Entry Sub-Category, Network Here

    Congratulations!!! Do you mind if I ask what the ADR was for? Plus what's your education?
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    SINP October 2019 Express Entry ITA Please Join Here

    No one knows how this VOs think. Another got ADR for missing documentation (schedule A and Additional family info for spouse) while another is returned because of birth certificate of applicant. Now yours for ethical conduct. If all else was ok why couldn't this just be an ADR? Oh well, sensory...
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    Lowest score was 60 that was in April.
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    SINP October 2019 Express Entry ITA Please Join Here

    I'm experiencing a problem here. Keeps telling me payment declined. I have used 2 different cards from different banks and its still the same thing. I've called and they said they are working on it but my fear is my deadline is on the 16th. Don't know if anyone experienced this lately? There...
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    SINP October 2019 Express Entry ITA Please Join Here

    A friend received NOI from Ainp on Nov 26 noc 1311. Apparently they are still sending out NOIs Seems like they've forgotten 0621...