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    Request new photographs for PR Card after landing - add your case here

    Hi guys So our details are as follows: 1. Landing date: 27 Aug 2017 2. Photo resubmission request date: 10 Oct 2017 3. Photo submission date: Not sent yet 4. PR card receiving date: N/A I have a few questions: 1. Are these letters for photo resubmission received via email only or should I...
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    Landing Query

    Thank you so much 21Goose This is very helpful.
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    Pakistani Applicants for Express Entry, Let's Network Here

    Yes they forward it to the embassy in Islamabad and the PR Visa is issued from Islamabad. Sure EE Application Submitted: Sep 2016 Received ITA: Nov 2016 Submitted Application: Jan 2017 (got 15 days extra due to some technical issue with CIC website) Medical Passed: End of Feb 2017 Request for...
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    Gift affidavit

    Hi Zain I would suggest that you make both and submit those. A GA would show that there was a verbal gift and the evidence for it is in the affidavit so that seems ok to me however, dont take a chance. i got both of those made and submitted it. better to be safe than sorry. Hope this helps. Thanks
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    NOC 4112 (lawyers and Quebec notaries)

    Were you a permanent employee since 2012? If you were then mention the whole 5 years. However, if any period of 5 years was an internship or you were a trainee then you need to exclude that period. In any case, for international experience 3 years is the maximum that is considered (where are you...
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    Landing Query

    Hi All Has any one done landing under the express entry system/recently because my application for immigration got accepted and me along with my family are moving to Canada. Now we have to do our landing prior to November 2017 and since we cannot do that therefore, we are planning to land in...
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    Pakistani Applicants for Express Entry, Let's Network Here

    To my knowledge its Islamabad. At least thats where i sent my passport.
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    Two or more degrees option gone? e-APR

    Hi Even I am unable to see that option. I can see why they did that but there will be a difference now in what we had selected in our express entry and the PR application. @johnjkjk can you please give me a brief of what you wrote in the technical report so I can mention the same in mine? I...
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    Important! ECA evaluation and ITA

    Any guidance? Anyone out there?
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    Educaton calculation with a degree and diploma

    I believe if the credits are transferred then you cannot choose that option. if its a bachelors degree choose bachelors. rest the more ecperienced can help.
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    Important! ECA evaluation and ITA

    Hi all! Hope you are all well. So when I made my express entry profile I had my LLB degree and PG Diploma assessed from ECA. At that time I was doing my LLM hence it was obviously not assessed as I had not completed it. While I was waiting for ITA I completed my Masters and sent it for ECA to...
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    Need advice - ECA evaluation

    Hi Did you get an answer t your query?
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    46th draw ITA November 2nd ---JOIN HERE---

    It will be even better if you submit a name change Affidavit for your spouse alongwith the abovementioned documents.
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    46th draw ITA November 2nd ---JOIN HERE---

    @Stanlee do the spouse and the kids that are aleady part of the application need to be included as well? In my case when I am filling out my son's PR form for this section do I have to include me, my spouse and my other son as his relative or not as we are already part of the application...
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    Any Question on Express Entry---i will try to answer

    Hi all I have received my ITA and have a few queries for which I need your assistance: 1. So when I made my EE profile I was doing my Masters. I completed it and received my degree recently. I immediately sent it to WES fo evaluation as I intended to update my profile and get more points...
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    46th draw ITA November 2nd ---JOIN HERE---

    Anyone out there who can help me?