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    Self-Employed Application 2020

    Hello everyone :) Any idea how to calculate the language score? According to the link above there are 4 language proficiency Levels: High, Moderate, Basic & No...
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    Schedule 6A form (2 given name fields)

    Hello, Any idea why Schedule 6A form has 2 fields for Given Name? Thanks!
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    Certified Copy...How to get one?

    I already went to 5 different ones. After talking to a lot of people here, I discovered that this is how it's done in Turkey.
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    Certified Copy...How to get one?

    Hello, I'm confused as to how to get a certified copy of my ID card. In the CIC website, it says that I can get a certified copy from a notary public, if I'm outside Canada. This is directly from the website: Certified true copies To have a photocopy of a document certified, an authorized...
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    Certified copy

    I'm in the same situation. Did you manage to find an answer? Thanks :)
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    Self-Employed Application 2020

    Hello everyone, I was wondering how much is too much supporting documents? Our supporting documents are really adding up. A month ago it was 500 papers...I didn't count how many more papers we added since then, but from the looks of it it will be more than 1,000 papers (even more if we print out...
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    Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) - Original or Soft Copy

    Hello Everyone, My husband is applying to the self-employed program. Do we have to submit the original police certificate? or can we just print out the electronic copy? I'm asking because we received the electronic copy, however, it seems like the original will take a while to get to us. And I...