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    Scope for Masters in Canada after completing MBBS from India

    Please let me know if anyone has any information regarding this. Thanks.
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    Scope for Masters in Canada after completing MBBS from India

    Hey everyone, So someone I know has recently completed their MBBS (Its like Bachelors in Medicine in India) and she wants to know what she can pursue as a Master’s and eventually get on a path such that she may practice medicine in Canada in future. From what I've researched, it seems like to...
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    Got admission, did medical, now what?

    Are you talking about GC Key account? If so then visit this page:
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    imm1294 questions

    Yes, just 1 yr amount is to be shown here. Like my first-year tuition was 15k, so I showed 15k + 10k(GIC) + some additional funds in the bank (optional). Thanks and all the best to you!!
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    imm1294 questions

    Hello, 1) It is always advisable to be 100% transparent. I feel mentioning such a small gap won't affect your profile if it was for a genuine reason. 2) I wrote the GIC amount i.e., 10K CAD in room and board, and left the other part blank. 3) For funds available you should include your tuition...
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    PPR with Dual intent and sibling PR of Canada. General advice to similar applicants.

    Hello all, Alhamdulillah, I received my PPR today and, as the title suggests, I'd like to share my experience of how I went about dealing with the infamous dual intent and having a family member as a PR of Canada. A little about my background and timeline: Country: India. Applied through SDS -...
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    Are they sending students back from the airport?

    Recently some of my batchmates traveled (not from India though), and our course is completely online.
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    Help with application form imm1294e

    You're correct. You've to mention your UCI in the very first question of IMM1294e and any other applications you create in the future. It is the very first question of IMM1294e, check pic.
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    UCI Clarification

    Leave it blank. That UCI is randomly generated. Only when you apply after getting an ITA, that's when you get an actual UCI. Also, UCIs are 8-digit numeric codes so anyways you cannot enter the above code by default.
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    Dual Intent with Study Permit

    While I'm still waiting for my study permit approval, I had an EE profile at the time of applying for SP. However, I withdrew my EE application 2 weeks before applying for SP (which won't create much difference, but still).
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    Received AIP (Sept application | SDS | India)

    You retook your medical due to expiry right?
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    CAQ Document Requirements

    Once you apply online, you'll get this form that you need to sign and submit. You'll get a complete checklist of documents which will list out in detail whatever is to be submitted. SoP is not required for CAQ. I don't think any additional documents would be required for a spouse but if there...
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    visa rejected due to study gap

    Yes for that part SoP would suffice.
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    visa rejected due to study gap

    CV won't be necessary. Just your employment docs and/or ITRs are good enough.
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    I had a similar problem where my parents have used two different spelling of our surname in various documents. I attached a simple LOE explaining the situation briefly as below. I'm still waiting for my visa though. To, The Visa Officer, High Commission of Canada Dear Sir or Madam, Subject...
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    Eligibility Status: Recommend Interview for SDS applicant

    Definitely positive bro. When did you apply? Might get your PPR in the next batch they process.
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    *Premium Lounge PASSPORT SUBMISSION Timeline*

    Hey @gauravbtn what date you applied for your visa?
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    confused about itr

    The one page acknowledgment is enough.
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    Student visa rejection

    Sorry for your refusal buddy. Can you please share your complete profile so others may suggest accordingly for your second attempt?