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    I need some informations about the FBI Certificate and Police Certificate

    Re: I need some information about the FBI/ US Police Certificate Without tracking option you will have no idea whether your packet reached FBI. Either you wait the 12 to 14 weeks and call FBI for an update or send another application with tracking option.
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    ECA for Indian Institutes

    IQAS report will reach you within 2 weeks after they receive your completed application packet.
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    ECA from IQAS ? Please guide Any help

    IQAS accepts transcripts sent in a sealed envelope by university or applicant.
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    Police clearance certificate from Indian embassy for a dependent wife in Canada

    Try contacting them again and see whether you can request for PCC using your temporary resident visa. If the answer is still NO then you can think about flying to India and applying for one at PSK.
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    IQAS ECA Assessment

    You might get it as 2 or more degrees or master's degree Write your 3rd degree in additional information section.
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    Yes, you can pay using bank draft or money order and send it along with your application. Payment through this mode will delay your process. As suggested earlier try to get hold of friend's or relative's credit card and use it for speedy processing. While filling in the online form, you’ll be...
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    ECA from International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)

    IQAS has no such list mentioned in their website.
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    Gap in studies a a international student

    What is the reason for the breaks during your study?
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    ECA from IQAS

    As far as I know IQAS never asked for original documents to be sent for ECA.
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    PCC from Chennai

    From PSK. Check Passport India website and you will get all infos.
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    PR card renewal without living in Canada for two years

    You can try entering Canada through land and hopefully immigration officer at POE might not notice the issue and you might slip through. After completing the 2 years you can apply for PR card renewal. You might not be able to get health insurance or renew driver's license till you complete the...
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    Having no status in canada and criminal charge

    His title is "having no status in Canada".
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    Police Clearance from France

    I received it within 2 weeks of making the request at UK.
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    Anna University Transcript for WES

    Anna University no longer accepts in person request.
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    Proof of Funds Doubt

    Execute that transaction as a gift deed.
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    Divorced applicant - is the father's consent needed