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    I got admission in Berrie, ON. which mobile network is good?

    Wind would be good for you . You can get their phone along with connection . Plus point you can send unlimited text any where in the world and in Canada . Unlimited calls canada wide . Odd side . You can't use this phone to other networks . Rogers bel are way expensive and other companies have...
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    Any one from Sydney australia

    Dear chotty Cong and best of luck. Indeed it's a great news . Regards
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    All applicants planning to land in toronto / Already landed in toronto

    Dear Khalid add me aswell, Moving to Toronto in November
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    PAKISTAN APPLICANTS -----26/6/10 TO 30/06/11---- CONNECT HERE !!!!!

    Write an email to your VO and ask for his/ her advice that's best option other than PR1 you have .
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    Any one from Sydney australia

    Cong kevin nd best of luck
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    Any one from Sydney australia

    This is the situation where I'm also finding myself
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    I want to move Canada from pakistan

    If you have education , experience, then brows cic offical website .
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    Any one from Sydney australia, frankly when ever i send any documents i informed them, "that i have forwarded these documents etc " but still its upto you
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    Any one from Sydney australia

    Hi if you submit your passport then dont worry you will not get any interview call . thats my opinion
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    Any one from Sydney australia

    Hi Ritu, Hopefully within one month . When I send them these paper work I wrote them email that I had forwarded to that date . Regards
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    Any one from Sydney australia

    Hi all, Just wondering any body have any idea how can we Open bank account in Canada before departure from Australia . Regards
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    Any one from Sydney australia

    Great news . Cong San . We must have some party ???wot you recon
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    Any one from Sydney australia

    Dear Summer. Cong mate and best Of luck .
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    Any one from Sydney australia

    Dear San dont worry you will get soon. last momets or days are always difficult to pass
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    How to get PCC "Full finger print and name check" of Australia from Bangladesh

    Hi Rafin, Please check this website www.afp. Go on to this website all information is there . You can email them from their web portal . My experience is that they response back very quickly . Otherwise , if more fast response needed call them . There is bit wait but , someone will talk...
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    Any one from Sydney australia

    Hi summer , Mate best of luck for your journey and new life . How much u r paying for tickets.
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    Pakistani Applicants waiting for PPR (Stage 1 or 2 letters) from CHC London

    Hi, I strongly pray and wish my understanding is wrong after reading this . It seems they made a decesion even,before submitting your additional documents and medical which is not a good sign . I wish Allah bless u and I'm wrong in my understanding .