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    Dec 9th ITA application submitted but AOR delayed

    Hi All, My husband CRS is 486 ,we received ITA on dec 9th under EE. Submitted application on dec 11th. Can someone suggest /comment the delay for AOR?
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    PCC application Rejected -CEC

    Yes , we are still gathering our documents.
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    PR application issue ***URGENT****

    Hi all, We have received ITA yesterday. When my husband tried to apply PCC in Toronto it got rejected as the spouse name is not updated in passport. We were asked to re-issue the passport . Once it is re-issued the passport number changes,so please help us how to proceed further as the initial...
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    PCC application Rejected -CEC

    Hi guys, My husband applied for PR on aug 26th with CRS 486 and received ITA on sep 2nd 2020. He applied for PCC in Toronto which was rejected because the spouse name is not updated in the passport. We were asked to update the same using passport re-issue service. My concern is after reissuing...