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    name update in ircc account

    As you have already raised a webform, it will be better to just wait for them to reach out to you.
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    PPR - Annex A - Can the Mailing Address to receive your Passport in Annex A be different than your submitted Residential Address?

    I don't see any reason why this should be an issue as long as you are able to receive the passport at your friend's address.
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    PPR Received but need to Change Visa Office

    In the same email, there should be an email address mentioned which you can use to inform them of any changes in your circumstances. Send an email to that email and tell them that you will be moving to UK and wish to submit your passport there. If no email is mentioned, raise a webform.
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    Special marriage

    Just explain the same to them that you got married as per Hindu traditions on 5th August and in court on 18th August while applying for your spousal sponsorship. Be sure to take photos for each ceremony and in court as well.
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    Web Form - Urgent Help Required

    Sure, go ahead and submit the updated bank letter with your spouse's new passport.
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    UNIQUE Relatives in Canada situation

    If you have the documents do it else submit a LOE that you don't want to claim points. Also, make sure that this does not affect your FSW score and it stays above the requirements.
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    Sending PR card to India

    Yes you can mail the cards. No issues at all.
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    Mistakes in ecopr

    In your COPR letter/email, there should be a section with instructions to report any errors or mistakes. They usually provide an email address there.
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    wrongly uploaded an IRCC form

    Send the correct form via webform.
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    Got my PCC on 15 August in India

    How does a holiday in India affect your PCC's credibility for Canada?
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    Unable to sign in into my CIC account - being redirected to home page!

    Clear your browser history and try again. Try using a different browser or an incognito/private mode. And keep trying, you will get in. This is quite common and no need to worry.
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    Urgent Help needed

    Then most probably you will not be required to send the passport. There is a new portal system in place for inland applicants. Please check about it. And as far as renewing passport is concerned, it is always better to have more than 6 months validity, not just for PR but in general as well...
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    Enquiry about VIT/WES

    Check WES website for exact requirements. They have a list of documents there specific to each country. You will need your mark sheets for sure.
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    Distance Education from Symbiosis Centre of Distance learning

    Get your ECA first! Avoid WES for SCDL and go with some other agency.
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    Express Entry ON Noi

    You can go ahead with both applications. Student visa and OINP NOI has nothing to do with each other. After NOI, you need to submit an application and prove whatever you claimed in your profile is true supported with documents. After this, you get a nomination. Good luck!
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    Two or More Certificate/ Diploma/ Degree- Help

    There are many! Search through this forum and you will find a lot of such cases.
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    Education (diplomas/degrees)

    Hi, you don't have the degree/diploma yet or is there any other reason for uploading this letter? Also, is this letter like a provisional degree or something?
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    Two or More Certificate/ Diploma/ Degree- Help

    Most probably it will be recognized as two or more degrees but you need to get your ECA done in order to know for sure.