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  1. faithworks

    Job Offer Letter Template for Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot

    Hi Seniors, my wife and I would like to hire my wife's sister through the Home Child Care Provider Pilot Program to take care of our children 8 year old and twins 9 months old. I have a Business Number already Need some help with a Job offer template (Alberta) Need some help with template for...
  2. faithworks

    Yeyyyyyyyy Got my Visa today... All Glory to God.....

    Congrats and praise God for your approval Our God is an awesome God and we can get everything we ask for in the name of YESHUA our Lord and Saviour
  3. faithworks

    changing college

    Hi you can change college and course only if your course is of the same duration since you are in a two year program you cannot change from a two year course to a one year course without informing cic
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    SPP Visa Document Checklist

    The purpose of the SPP prgm is faster processing if you add too many unwanted doc's this will slow down your processing. SPP is designed for fresh graduates or fresh students without work experience (that is why a Loan 80% of 1st year expenses is a must under SPP) who apply to institutes in...
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    Does anyone here live in Halifax NS?

    Hi, Dal is among the best in Canada, Halifax is beautiful very nice place to live, not too many asians in the area unlike TO... winters can be harsh it's also close to the US , I don't know what you are majoring in so can't really comment on the job scenario.
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    help - change of course

    Hi, you can change a course only if it's of the same duration of studies.. you cannot change from a one year certificate to a two year diploma course. In that case you will have to apply again.
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    Saskatchewan PR rules changed

    Hi, If you have graduated from Saskatchewan its still 960 hours... if not it is 1920 hours
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    Please For The Sake of God Help Me.......

    Hi, Its still 6 months if you have studied in Saskatchewan. If you graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution in Saskatchewan you must have worked for at least six months (with minimum 960 hours) of paid employment in Saskatchewan. If you...
  9. faithworks

    Money Only Two Months Old but With Proof. Is IT Fine.{Urgent Help}

    Hi, if your accounts reflect 6-7 lakhs for the past 4 months that's enough, you do not have to show your tution fees. but bear in mind tuition fees for the whole academic year must be paid and receipt must be produced before applying for your visa if you intend to show only 6-7 lakhs in your...
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    V-1 visa status..pls pls need info pls..anyone pls help....

    Hi, V-1 visa is in-fact a visitors visa, your husband cannot work with this visa, he will have to apply for an open work permit once you get to Canada, I would suggest your husband applies for this only after reaching Canada... All the best
  11. faithworks

    Holland college , Humber college : Are they Good ?

    Holland College in PEI is one of the most affordable colleges in Canada, and not many international students go for it, their programes are equally good. but PEI is the smallest province in Canada and Job opportunities are limited there. Hurry up you do not have much time left as it takes at...
  12. faithworks

    applying for student visa without agent

    You cannot apply again on your own with the same LOA since it will have the information about the consultant. Try getting admission from another college or univ, or ask your institute to issue a fresh LOA without you consultants info on it, any way you are late for may intake, try for the fall...
  13. faithworks

    wife tourist visa processed in 2 days in India.....?

    Hi, A certain Jackpatel on this forum was denied a visa for his wife with a short processing time as yours But keep ur hopes.
  14. faithworks

    Student Visa Chances

    If ur parents are retired who will be paying for the interest on the principal amount that you have loaned from the bank? if you can effectively demonstrate that, that will make ur case even stronger.
  15. faithworks

    rules regarding taking dependants on study visa

    Hey Enfield, Is it true that the spouse can only get an OWP only if their profession falls under Skill 0, A or B?
  16. faithworks

    Univ or College

    Thanks Gsaa and Tiger One more question whats the duration for 12 units
  17. faithworks

    Univ or College

    Hey guys can I apply at a university after completing Higher Secondary ie. 12th std
  18. faithworks

    Approval Received

    Hi, unfortunately you will have to re-enter Canada again by any means Air, Road or Water.
  19. faithworks

    Dependent Visa for Spouse in 3 days

    I showed them, My bank statement, Invitation Letter from my relative and his address as my stay in Canada My employers letter which included my leave period. Travel history reflected on my passport.