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  1. faithworks

    Job Offer Letter Template for Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot

    Hi Seniors, my wife and I would like to hire my wife's sister through the Home Child Care Provider Pilot Program to take care of our children 8 year old and twins 9 months old. I have a Business Number already Need some help with a Job offer template (Alberta) Need some help with template for...
  2. faithworks

    Univ or College

    Hey guys can I apply at a university after completing Higher Secondary ie. 12th std
  3. faithworks

    Please review my case: Enfield and all Experts

    Hello all, I'm 34 and wish to apply for Hotel and Restaurant mgmt Sept 2012 intake IELTS 7.5. Did my HSC way back in 1995. Funds of 7 lakhs, aditionally also able to pay 1st year fees, 13 yrs work experience presently working in the hospitality sector in the US, married, property worth 1.25 Cr...
  4. faithworks

    age limit for student visa

    Hi can any one tell me if there is an age limit to apply for a student visa and will colleges grant me admission as I am 35