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    wanna share my personal experience and advise for cec pnp applicants

    Hi everyone, I came to canada as a student in 2010. i studied for 3 years and got my work permit. I worked in my own field and gained one year experince. After that, I send my cec file last year in october, however my file came back after 3 months because the capp was reached. I went through...

    passport sent to cpc in novemeber 2015.....

    please connect here .....

    Help regarding gcms notes ! Is this PR approval?

    What does it mean? I havent recieved PPR yet , rest of notes are just a general information.. PNC INFORMATION PNC #: 20152**** Valid To: 2016/01/04 Province(s) of Interest: BC ASSESSMENTS Eligibility: Passed Security: HIRV: Criminality: Passed Org Crime: Medical: Passed...

    Gave wrong email under contact detail. Never recieved PPR

    Hi, friends, I had been waiting for ppr for 2 weeks because my decision was made and today I just logged in to my cic account to check which email I gave when I created my profile. I just checked and I saw that there was a mistake in my email ID. I entered wrong email and never realized. What...

    I think I have made huge mistake, sent my old pcc, need suggustions.............

    Good afternoon everyone, I was doing some research on this forum yesterday and found out that older pcc can cause refusal of application. My pcc was issued on November 2014 and I applied Express entry PR on July 2015 with same PCC. however, I got RCMP request too during processing of my...

    bc pnp pr express entry applicants?

    anyone applied for PR through bc pnp nomination program? please share your timelines...

    Can someone help regarding RCMP criminal record check? Please

    How and where to do this criminal record check? Detailed info would be appricated

    PR updates on weekend, possible?

    people faking about updates on weekends? governemnt doesnt work on weekends

    BC PNP August 2015 application connect here

    anyone else applied for bc pnp this month, connect here with timeline.......

    cic asking for schedule 4a bussiness provicnal nominne

    i was nominated under international graduate, what do i do?

    Job bank registration pending but already accepted in pool

    I created my profile yesterday , I lined it with job band with validation Cody and express entry profile number. They sent me the email saying that I have me accepted in the pool but on the main page it says job bank registration pending. What do I do, .? Deactivate job bank current account and...

    Celpip score for express profile .?

    Is this celpip score eligible for express entry profile? Listening clb - 8' writing, 8 reading 8 and speaking 6 For supervisor work experience Thanks