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  1. tanus

    would like to apply visitor visa for my mother in law

    I am Canadian resident and would like to apply visitor visa for my Mother in Law. I am wondering what documents I need? Does anyone knows about how to apply visa from country where she lives? any response will be welcomed. Thanks
  2. tanus

    whom to notify when you move from one province to another

    HI dear readers I am moving from BC to Alberta this month and I am getting Universal Child care benefit for my son and paying MSP as per rules. Do I need to Inform Canada revenue agency and Health BC about my move. I have no idea what will happen if I do not inform? please help me out and give...
  3. tanus

    Temporary Accommodation

    Hi Does anyone have any idea about how to rent a place for short term for example for couple of days. I am moving to Calgary on 15th August. Please guide me with some websites who offers short time stay. will be highly appreciated.
  4. tanus

    looking for short term accommodation in Calgary : Urgent

    Hi I am moving to Calgary on 15th August. Looking for short term accommodation for 3 of us (wife and son) to live in especially North East Calgary. If accommodation suites me, it Can be long term depends on situation. please reply me asap. If you don't have accommodation, please advise me where...
  5. tanus

    whom to notify when you move from one province to another

    Hi I am relocating from BC to Calgary. what to do and to whom I need to notify. I am having one son and he is getting child care benefit. Please help in this situation where to contact before moving. I heard that I need to contact certain authorities before moving. please share your experience...
  6. tanus

    How Long one has to stay to get Canadian Passport

    HI I am new migrant landed in January this year. would like to know how long It will take too get passport. I read on the website that to fulfill citizenship obligation, we need to stay 3 years continuously in Canada. when One will be able to write citizenship test and what is the procedure...
  7. tanus

    How easy to get a job in Calgary or edmonton in Health sector

    HI I am permanent resident, international nurse with 3 years clinical experience as a Nurse from India and 2 years experience as Health care aide (Personal care assistant in Australia) from Australia. I read that if we need to work as a Health care aide, they require Health care aide...
  8. tanus

    Car with BC registration

    Hi I am having my car registered (BC number Plate) with BC, but I am planning to move to Alberta soon. Suppose my car insurance is going to expire on September 25th 2012 and I am moving in August 2012. My doubts are: 1.Can I drive my car in Alberta with another province number plate until it...
  9. tanus

    Where majority of Asian people reside in Alberta

    Hi there I am planning to move to Alberta in few months. would like to know from someone that which area is best to live culture wise and job wise as well. where Majority of Indian reside in Alberta eg. Calgary or Edmonton.....or smwhere else. please share your experience as it can be...
  10. tanus

    health premiums in Alberta

    I am having BC care card and planning to move to Alberta soon. Currently, I am paying health premiums as we are 3 family members. Would like to know health premiums in Alberta. I heard from someone that there is no premiums as Alberta Govt offers free health care and if I am moving from a...
  11. tanus

    which Place is best to live in Canada

    Am new migrant here in BC.....I was in Australia for 3 yrs on student visa and what I found here that BC is very expensive state to live as compare to what I saw in Australia. Can anyone tell me which state is less expensive in case of tax, schooling education for 5yrs old boy and where is...
  12. tanus

    How silly is Canadian Immigration

    I was a new migrant in skilled worker category and after landing in Canada, I was requested to submit photos for my PR card stating in the letter which I received from Canada Imm that My photos are not fulfilling the specific requirement. I submitted the same photos which I posted when I applied...
  13. tanus

    need help about MSP premiums and fair pharmacare

    Hi everyone, I am new migrant here in BC with my family(wife and a son). before moving BC, I was in Australia on student visa and lived there 3 years. After arriving here, I applied for MSP and Child care benefit where Revenue Canada asked about my previous income and tax history so I filled...
  14. tanus

    for how long I can stay outside

    Hi everyone, I am new migrant landed in January first week and I would like to know that how long I can stay outside Canada so that It wont affect my PR status. I am going to study in Australia on student visa for 8 months. Will it affect my PR status? what is the maximum period for staying...
  15. tanus

    Regarding PR card

    hi everyone, I landed in Canada on 3rd January 2012 with my family, but I had to travel to my home country without having PR card. I contacted Canada immigration and they told me that I can travel to home country without PR card, but I need travel document to come back to Canada. my wife told me...
  16. tanus

    regarding travel document

    hi everyone, I am new immigrant here still waiting for PR card. I need to travel to India due to some emergencies but do not have PR card. I called Canadian Immigration call center and spoke with them and they told me that I can go to India without PR card but I need a document which they call...
  17. tanus

    Thanks wilson and party, but read this as well plz

    Thanks for your help guys. I appreciated this. I know that If I want to be a nurse in Canada, I have to pass CRNE and I have to meet criteria of relating regulatory body. I dont want to be a nurse in Canada because I liked Community field rather than Nursing. but I just want to confirm that...
  18. tanus

    how easy to get a job after getting PR

    I am permanent resident in Canada but I am moving to Canada in January. I am a registered nurse from India with more than 3 year clinical experience, and I was in Australia for 3 years on student visa. I worked as a registered nurse assistant in Australia for 2.5years in an aged care. will I get...