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    CpC Ottawa and VO Ottawa

    hey all is there any sort of difference between case processing centre Ottawa AND Visa office Ottawa ??? I am asking because to my CSE in May reply was “application processing at CPC Ottawa “ .. and in July raised another CSE to which I got reply that “file transferred to VO Ottawa.. is this...
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    Visitor visa online help

    Hello everyone I want to apply my mother 's canada tourist visa without help of any agent . We have sponsorship from my brother who is Canadian citizen . What all documents we need? How to start filling online?? Any help please thanks in advance
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    Another tension

    Hi . My aor is 27 Jan 2019.Adr imm5669 13 March MEP 16 March bio 19 March. Nov 4112. I am principal applicant with 2 dependants. I am at peace but today I read I thread where 1 person was confirming about 1 question. . Whether u were refused earlier etc etc. My case is this.. My mom in 2009...
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    Clarifying doubt

    Hi everyone. .. I am lawyer and AOR is 27 Jan 2019. I got request to fill 5669 IMM form..I have done master's in law . And have continue study from1993 to 2012 . But while filling background check month or so can be changed. Like in March I have exam and in April got result and in May or June...
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    IMM 5669 please help. Urgent

    Hi received request letter . Which is mentioned below: This is in reference to your application for permanent residence in Canada. In order for us to continue the review of your application, we require the following documents:  MRS- XXXX: Schedule A: A separate and newly completed Schedule A...
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    Urgent guidance required

    I am required to fill schedule A IMM5669 form . In that there is one question HAVE YOU OR ANY OTHER FAMILY MEMBER LISTED IN YOUR APPLICATION FOR PERMANENT RESIDENT IN CANADA BEEN REFUSED ...... I am principal applicantwith 2 dependents that is husband and 4 years old child. Here do I need to...
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    ADR request directly

    Hi my earlier Aor was 1 Jan 2018 and got cancelled on 11 Jan 2019 due to incomplete as my dependant husband pcc was not according to cic rules. So my new aor is 27 Jan 2019. Today I got direct ADR IMM 5669 request. No BIL or medical update. Time bar back with 4 months time left. I am so...
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    Biometrics for Indians 2019

    All aor post 1 Jan 2019 have to give biometrics . Anyone who got letter for biometrics kindly share your timeline and experience . Hope biometrics doesn't delay our applications.
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    AOR Jan 2019 Indians pls join

    Hi I am Indian with Aor 27 Jan 2019 . All Indians with Jan 2019 AOR pls join here. We need to give biometrics and discussion can help many .. today aor 3 Jan 2019 getting there MEP.
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    How cancelled applications proceeds?

    Hi friends. My application got cancelled due to incompleteness and now my AOR is 27 Jan 2019. How will such cancelled applications proceeds? ?again I have to wait 30 days for Medical exam to be passed? ? Anyone pls thanks in advance
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    What if we did not got ECA done ?

    I have received ITs in 109 round. Score 466. I have got ECA done thru wes for my university education. I am principal applicant. My query is that my husband who studied 1 year for diploma in Australia though not related to his field needs valuation? he has done 3 years law from university...
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    What does section 12.01 of IRPA means!

    Myor application was cancelled for incompleteness as follows Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has reviewed your application for permanent residence. We have determined that your application does not meet the requirements of a complete application as described in sections 10...
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    Reapplying. Pls help . Need everybody advice

    Hi my score is 466. Got ITA on 15 Nov 2018 and AOR was 1 Dec 2018. On 11 Jan 2019 my application got cancelled due to incompleteness. Fault ours.My spouse pcc was not according to cic requiments. Gathered all hopes and applied for new pcc according to cic rules .made new EE profile on 12 Jan...
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    Anyone ordered driving history from Victoria? Urgent help pls

    Can anybody help me out? How u got ur immigration file number and what is special rules and consideration
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    Anyone ordered driving history from Victoria? Urgent help pls

    Anyone ordered driver history from Victoria ? How to attach my immigration file number as per requirements from cic??? I found no options. My application got rejected due to Australia pcc. I don't know what to do
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    What Australian PCC covers? Does it show unpaid credit card dues?

    My husband went on student visa to Australia in 2009 to 2010. Now I needpcc from Australia. He had some unpaid credit card dues not more then 2000$. -we are worried will it show on our pcc? We filled in code 35 as per requirement. Anybody please help
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    Please help In reapplying ..disheartened

    I was expecting MEP today but got shock of my life application Got cancelled as incomplete. Reason didn't met section 10 and 12.01 of IRCC. My husband's Australian pcc is the reason as mentioned. We attached his old pcc the after he left Australia in Feb 2010. Now can anybody please help is...
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    Application cancelled because incomplete

    My AOR was 1 Dec 2018 nd was expecting MEp today but got biggest shock shock of my life. Got cancelled as incomplete. Reason my husband'sAustralian pcc did not met requirequirement. I m spool disheartened
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    BG showing Not applicable

    Hey I got aor on 1 Dec. Today I checked my account nd BG showing Not applicable. What it means. Anyone pls
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    AoR Dec 2018 . Got processing time e-mail from IRCC

    Hey I received AOR on 1 Dec..nd today got this mail On December 12, 2018, you’ll see a progress bar for your Express Entry application. The progress bar shows the time elapsed since we received your application. It will give you an estimated completion date based on our latest estimated...