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    TEF ( NEW Scoring System)

    Unfortunately you can't. You need 450+/699 in each section
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    TEF queries

    Find native speakers
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    TEF or tcf depends upon you, I find tef easier Just a b1 level is not enough, at least do a B2 or c1 before attempting tef Checkout Facebook pages for tef Bon courage
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    TEF Canada knock off marks for the wrong answers?

    Don't get confused Back in the day it was like that. Now it's all changed, they will give you 0 for mauvais réponse ou pas de réponse d'accord même si tu regardes dans les livres de préparation, c'est mentionné qu'il y a les points négatifs mais ça n'est plus le cas Bon courage
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    Tef/ Tcf language indian study group

    Bon courage je te recommande d'écouter inner French après le niveau A1 ou A2
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    Im replying just for tef.. Well you need a B2 +, that's 700 + hours of course.
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    TEF ( NEW Scoring System)

    Your totally right! I did a mock test from YouTube, unfortunately the mark wasn't mentioned
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    TEF ( NEW Scoring System)

    Hi all I have a small doubt Im preparing for tef What's 46 /60 in compréhension orale Out of 699? Is 46/60 a good score, is it enough for this part?
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    TEF/TCF Preparation Support

    Félicitations keep going you can make it! Make sure to complete at least level B2 before tef, c1 would be great
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    Tef canada

    Yes, but confirm with others too
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    Beginners Guide to French TEF exam

    And I totally understand your motivation to learn French faster.. Just to remind you it's like ielts.. Just imagine learning a language from the basic.. It takes years doesn't it ..but for us English speakers French is pretty easy! Even French native people found certain questions tricky.. Not...
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    Beginners Guide to French TEF exam

    I suggest you see check out a YouTube channel called French tweets ( dolly).. She guides you with each and every level to do with the time line
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    Beginners Guide to French TEF exam

    No not at all 3 months is the best duration for a1.. You have to give time for the language to be absorbed by your subconscious mind.. But if just wana pass a1 exam.. There are a lot of professors who can help you do that in 1 month, but remember your goal " tef exam" for that its important to...
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    Advice on TEF CANADA s'il-vous-plaît !

    Firstly just for B2 ( 3-6 months) bust if your asking 0-b2 ( 1.5-2 years) Actually delf B2 exam is different from tef exam.. These delf exams are just stepping stones.. Tef is a all-out exam like ielts
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    Beginners Guide to French TEF exam

    You need to find a alliance français in your locality or state and start a1 classes ( 3 months) a2 ( 3 months) b1, B2... By the time you reach B2, just discuss with your tutor and let them know about your tef exam.. You can even study on your own once your in B2 level But as of now, don't get...
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    How easy/hard it is for someone with a DELF B2 to get a good score in TEF?

    Félicitations selon moi et ce que je sais.. Tu auras certainement besoin un peu de grammaire de dalf c1 juste pour être sûr que tu auras le note nécessaire.. En autre termes c'est un pont être B2 et c1.. Donc je te conseille de maîtriser le grammaire B2 de nouveau et aussi touche un peu c1 et...
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    Has someone given eTEF canada exam in India?

    In Chennai alliance français it is around 22k I guess
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    Bachelor in Distance accepted for pg diploma?

    Hi, I'm 20M I'm from India I have completed a 3 year bachelor degree in commerce from a reputed University ( distance education) which is also accepted by WES My percentage isn't the best, I've 55 % .... I'm really interested to do a pg diploma in management (1 yr) in any college which is in...
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    Beginners Guide to French TEF exam

    My suggestion is don't see tef exam as it is. At this point of time Find a French professor or a alliance français I'm your neighbourhood and start classes for a1, a2, b1, b2 by the time you get to b1 look into the tef format and just a glimpse of it.. Then do B2 and if possible write delf b2...