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    Order the gcms notes
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    Urgent:- gc key shows your documents is invalid

    When is your medical expiring
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    125+ days and no VISA. Shall I withdraw my SDS file and apply under NON SDS ? Please HELP

    If your medicals and biometrics are updated it means your file is already in progress withdrawing now I think it's abit late
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    Reapplying for study visa after change in course and university outside Canada

    Post bacc in business is for people who want to do business mostly and they don't have a background in Business it's not normally considered as career progression
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    Reapplying for study visa after change in course and university outside Canada

    You already have BBA why are you applying for post baccalaureate diploma you will probably get a rejection due to course selection
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    Got Refusal, What Now?

    Are you a citizen of turkey?
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    Study permit Refused again

    If you sell your properties you can reapply immediately as long as you can show sale deeds and agreements
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    Any study permit 2022 applicants from Ghana or applied through Accra visa office

    First my apologies, second your lucky you didn't get a ban if they think you submitted fraudulent documents. Third get gcsm notes to know the exact documents that had issues so you can address it
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    Loan as proof of funds

    Okay thanks
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    imm5645e Signature

    Where did you sign it
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    Loan as proof of funds

    So I did my first visa application and got a rejection due to financial reasons and assests. I had a loan that covered everything for my 2years visa, I paid 4000cad to school and I had shown a personal statement with 10k cad. But when I requested for gcms notes the visa officer stated that they...
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    Student visa from India and spouse visa process from Dubai

    But this is will be risk on home ties
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    New portal vs gckey

    Is there a difference in processing time between gckey and the new portal for student visa
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    Medical in NON SDS file

    Where did you apply from?
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    Queries Regarding Fee Payment with NON-SDS Student Visa

    hello did you use mpower loan or any other proof of funds?
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    Course to pursue after b com

    Bcom has options what did you specialize with in your undergraduate. If you did hr then you can proceed and do a Masters in hr
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    Gcms notes delay

    There not that detailed. But also some if the documents they talked about were already in the application
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    Gcms notes delay

    Financial reasons
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    Gcms notes delay

    I have received mine