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    Need advice from the expert EE/Mortgage

    Hi All, as we are working towards common law, I mentioned in my last post that my partner owns the house way back in 2015 (mortgage) under the government program. I read some post here that having a mortgage or debt can be an issue for visa approval. My partner is paying $300 cad per month. How...
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    For PINOY: About Express Entry Application. Share your idea!

    Try to address your concern in English :)
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    Double Applications any idea is it possible??

    Really? Wow I didn't know that. So basically, since my partner is the main applicant and he added me as common law I can as well open my own my application as the main/principal applicant and add him as my common law.
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    Working towards common law

    Hi all, I need advice from the expert. My partner and I are currently working towards common law. I read some posts that you should cohabit continuously for 1 year. My concern is, are we not allowed to travel individually? My family is about to travel to Korea next year for 2 weeks vacation and...
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    Double Applications any idea is it possible??

    Thanks. So we decided to apply after 1 year so we can collect solid proof of cohabitation. Should we include a copy of his house contract showing he purchase the house since 2015 and some proof of billing under his name? e.g electricity and water? This is what we plan to submit next year. 1...
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    Do we qualify as conjugal? Please help

    Is it sufficient enough? I mean certificate from barangay? I own the house year 2015 and all the bills are solely under my name, so basically no tenancy agreement cos its mine. We met 2 years after which is 2017. We do not have bills showing our names or anything like that. I read that they ask...
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    Double Applications any idea is it possible??

    Hi, we need your advice. We are processing a visa under Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker with common-law. However, I have some questions. 1. My partner owns the house way back in 2015 and we met 2017 thus all the bills e.g. electricity, water, etc. already under his names. so basically we...