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    Fraud agency

    I want to share something about one agency who make fraud documents and send students to canada and take huge amount from them .. where can i share this?
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    In ahmedabad
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    I dont have any fraud documents....they call it fraud asking for 5000$... and as i said earlier they already sent so many students on canada by making fraud doc...
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    I will not comeback after my study..
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    I got my visa refusal first time from idp ...then i went to another counsaltancy ( dont want to give name) ...they did all my process and i paid my all the fees...but when i gave my all the documents they told me that your one fraud and i need to give them 5000$ after visa approval...
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    Hello....i need sop for interactive media design course ... anyone enrolled in this course?? I am totally confused what to include in sop for this course
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    St Clair September/Fall intake 2019

    I applied on 20 may for 2d/3d animation and got loa on 4 june....
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    georgian college

    Interactive media design....actually i also got loa from st.clair and the fees deadline for st.clair is 7th i am confused now what to do becz i want to go in georgean and my agent also told me that if they deduct money from account then in 99% cases student get their loa...did you...
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    georgian college

    Georgian college deducted 100$ from my account on friday do you guys have any idea in how many days will i get my loa?
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    Georgian college

    I have applied in georgian on 20th april...on friday they deducted 100$ from my in how many days will i get my offer later?
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    Georgian college

    When georgian will start giving offerlaters for sept 2019? I applied for one month ago but still no answer...anybody got there LOA for sept 2019??
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    Torronto film school

    Hey guys... I have completed my animation and gaming course here in india and then i applied in durham college for interactive media design course....but my visa got rejected and the reason was i will not leave canada after my studies..... So now , i am thinking to take an admission in torronto...
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    Durham college

    Hey guys... i applied in durham college( january 2019) but got visa rejection...after that i have also applied in durham colllege for second time....but i heard from few peoples that if you have one time visa rejection from durham college then they wont give you an offerlater second time
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    a race against time

    Bro...same happened to me before 5 months.. i had paid my gic fees on november 6 and my classes was starting in first week of january...but due to mistake of my foren exchange agent my payment got i submitted my file on 4th december...and got refusal on 17 january....but at that...
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    But my agent told me that its not open yet...
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    Fanshawe college London Ontario September 2019 intake

    Dont worry....they told me same when i applied for first time in humber for jan 2019...but i got my offer later after 38 dont worry
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    Hey guys....anyone have idea about centinneal...when centinneal will start receiving applications for sept 2019?
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    May / September 2019 intake for Ontario colleges

    I applied for interactive media design in fanshawe.....and i want to apply in game art course in centinneal college