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    Conestoga college Vs Cape Breton University Vs Trinity Western University Vs Vancouver Island University Vs Okanagan College - Kelowna

    I think universities are better than college. Public universities are always right for you. so if you want the quality of education then you should choose universities than colleges.
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    Humber college admissions

    Go on website and ask him about rejection
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    Canada study visa

    Yes it can possible. You can share your profile at
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    Canada study visa

    You can apply there.
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    Is it right time Applying For Canada PR?

    Hello guys, Hope you are doing great!! My name is Shikha Sharma. I am thinking about Canada PR program. But some points stay get back because of Not good in English , Have not a master degree but have 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing. So, would you suggest me to do for Canada Visa...
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    Study visa

    Yes, you can apply for study visa. But first you have to choose first dream then go with that flow.
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    Study visa after MBA

    There are many options are available for you. General IELTS exam is not accepted by colleges and universities so for study visa first you should have to give IELTS exam in academic module. After that you can apply for study visa in Canada.
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    Seneca or Humber for Brand Management/Marketing?

    Both have on same level. You can choose any one.
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    Data Analytics or Data Science Program for International Student

    Not in Manitoba. But in BC (Thomson University) you can find these courses. For more details, what's app us:- 95924-62205
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    taking online classes for the pre requisite courses

    Yes, you can connect with us and share your further query on
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    IELTS study and practice material

    We have YouTube channel on IELTS. Visit there and collect the right knowledge for your exam.
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    Ielts retake or not

    You can a applying in PNP program. But we suggest you to retake an exam.
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    College review.

    This is good one. We have sent many students for their further studies and it has many branches in others cities.
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    in how many days i get "Medical" for Canada????????

    Generally, It will take time minimum 15 days and you collect the medical after 1-2 days. Rest depends upon hospital.
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    Is it already late to apply for Sep'22 admission?

    Hello, I suggest you to go for higher studies because there are very less numbers of chances to get PR directly as of your age. but you can choose the other option like purse MBA in Canada with your work experience.(Not for sept intake, Go with Jan intake)