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    Passport guarantor didn't answer the call

    Hi. it happened to us too. my guarantor left the details they were looking for on the voicemail and everything was fine. Guarantor called them back 2 days after just to check and they said that they got the voicemail and everything's good. as long as your guarantor provided the confirmation they...
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    It has file number and client ID number. Date of birth not indicated on the letter we received. HTH.
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    Payment unsuccessful

    I encountered problems previously and only internet explorer was the browser that got my payment through
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    RQ after test

    don't lose hope hasan777, we got pos test RQ too. we received it during exam, in March 2013. We received notice for Oath on July 2014. Just try to submit all relevant documentation to prove your residency. Good Luck!
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    Canadian passport

    Hi MKJ, For us, the question they asked was name of my youngest child and how the guarantor knows me. it might be dependent on what information they need clarification on. HTH
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    for me they called my guarantor because there was a portion the guarantor forgot to fill out in my child's application.
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    Canadian passport

    Got it by post.
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    Canadian passport

    We applied at the Mississauga office on Sept 8 in the afternoon. the receipt they gave had a mail out date of Sept 22. On Sept 9th our guarantor got a call for some information verification. then on Sept 16th we got our passports.
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    Canadian passport

    Felixo we opted for regular processing and got passport after 5 business days.
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    PASSPORT Question

    We recently applied and got ours after 5 days. normal processing. we submitted in person but had them mail the passport to us.
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    Would you recommend Canada post (registered) for sending the application ?

    i used Canada post for all documents we sent, including RQ. No problems encountered.
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    Can I cross the border a few days before my oath?

    We crossed the border a few days before our oath. As long as you have valid passport and PR card and you're not hiding stuff when you cross, you shouldn't be worried :)
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    canadian Citizen

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    Oath Invitition Letter - Mailed Vs Handed

    Congrats. you're almost there :) The letter we received by mail didn't have those conditions. subject: Notice to Appear - to take the Oath of Citizenship Please appear on: date time then it lists all the documents to bring and if you are not able to attend, to file new application or...
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    Please confirm any other RQ support docs requires

    if you travelled outside the country, you can include a copy of your airfare and boarding passes too.
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    Post Test RQ Mississauga - Oath Scheduled

    Hi Mary. Did you have your oath at Mississauga too? I am so glad we are finally at the finish line. And having to deal with RQ and the wait makes us appreciate the Citizenship more.
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    Post Test RQ Mississauga - Oath Scheduled

    hi. I just brought the ones they specified. they didnt even check the passports. the PR card is important though. they didnt release one person's certificate because he forgot his card.
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    Post Test RQ Mississauga - Oath Scheduled

    Congratulations Mary Chad! yes it is finally happening. we just had our Oath today as well. Post test RQ applicants, do not lose hope. Just hang in there
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    6 months since submitting RQ

    same here. no updates. sent in RQ sometime in May 2013.
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    File Separation

    Thanks for sharing egyo. i was about to send a request for file separation because my husband got RQ'd. looks like that's not an option anymore. >:(