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    Self Employed Web Designer Interview Waiting

    Did you land under C11 - Entrepreneur?
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    Business Plan for Owners Operator LMIA

    1. Professional Business plan is key 2. Right now, taking about 3-4 months. 10 day processing is no longer available due to COVID. 4. Not a fantastic idea because unless you are able to show job creation capabilities
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    Processing time for the nw Home Support Worker pilot program

    It's taking several months normally, but with IRCC in-office staff currently operating at only 2-3%, things have slowed down even more considerably
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    Impact Startup Visa Program at Spring Activator - Live AMA on Thursday

    Spring Activator in Vancouver is hosting a live AMA on Thursday morning at 9am PST regarding intake for their Impact Start-Up Visa Program. Here is the invite: Next cohort is November 2020. Genuine businesses and teams only. Mods: Just trying to be helpful. I have no...
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    Startup Visa - PR & WP Application Process

    Some have a formal application process, some are by invitation only, some are pay for play.
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    New Employer DUAL INTENT LMIA

    1. Yes same one. Just select the right box on Page 8 2. Correct
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    New Employer DUAL INTENT LMIA

    1. No 2. Company must be at least a year old 3. Dual Intent LMIA Application has no Transition Plan but instead asks questions about how the employer came to know about the worker. Otherwise, similar. Applications for Dual Intent are handled by the New Brunswick office, whereas high/low wage...
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    owner operator questions

    Regarding #1 - Also be mindful that Alberta Corporations require at least 25% of directorship to be Canadian Regarding #2 - Many people buy and sell their own houses without using realtors, many people and companies file their taxes without using an accountant, and many people fix their own...
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    How's LMIA process going right now during pandemic

    Sounds about right. Chased a few files up the ladder with ESDC and got a call back from Manager giving me file numbers but saying that they won't be processing payment until given green light from Ottawa.
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    How's LMIA process going right now during pandemic

    Things are a bit all over the place. They are issuing file numbers, but not taking fees since March. Some online applications are having payments requested, some are not. If a company has had layoffs, I would be very surprised to see a positive LMIA issued as ROE checks are done before a...
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    lmia owner operator

    Here you go:
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    My Top Resume Tips for New Settlers in Canada

    I don't post on here that often, but had a few minutes and wanted to share something with the forum. I see so many newcomers and clients spend years and hundreds/thousands of hours preparing to come to Canada, yet fail to spend even a few hours in perfecting the approach and design of their...
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    PR Card

    My understanding right now is that PR Cards will be taking upwards of 6 months to receive.
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    Owner Operator LMIA Work Permit.

    Here's a link to internal guidance documents:
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    owner operator questions

    Here's a full link to download some internal documents about the program:
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    Which to choose...

    Depends on your situation. LMIA-Exempt for Express Entry applications will require one year of experience before you can get points.
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    lmia owner operator

    What would you like to know?
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    How's LMIA process going right now during pandemic

    Current situation that I am seeing is ESDC has put most LMIA Applications on hold, save for essential workers, until there is federal guidance from Ottawa. The assessment of LMIA Applications is heavily weighted to include objective unemployment data.
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    Buying a Business to Become Common-Law

    She can just come to Canada as a visitor, not work, extend her stay lawfully - showing her proof of funds and being transparent about her purpose. Rack up her 12 months with you and then file for Inland Sponsorship with OWP. Seems simple enough to me.