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  1. arhue

    Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

    I applied today via online. I noticed the jump too. It says wait time for paper based is 29 days. Hopefully we get our TRVs soon.
  2. arhue

    (Success) Flagpole Experience PGWP: Peace Bridge (Fort Erie), Rainbow Bridge

    I flagpoled yesterday at Fort Erie. Took the go train/bus from Toronto to Niagara. From there, took an Uber to the bridge. Arrived there at 10.45 am. It was around 4.5-5 hrs journey each way. By the time I went from US side to Canadian side it was 11.30 am. Had to wait till 3.30 pm to get my...
  3. arhue

    Shoes in snow

    Buy when you get here. Winter is almost over so you may not need any.
  4. arhue

    Travel to India

    Following. I want to know this too. From my understanding I can't go back home after studies as the PGWP/TRV processing time would be too high.
  5. arhue

    1st Semester Tuition fees

    It's preferable to pay 1st semester fees. It should increase chance of visa acceptance
  6. arhue

    What all questions do they ask at the airport while entering first time into Canada on a study permit

    Most questions are specific to you. Just take all required docs alongwith you, including receipts of fee payment and last semester transcripts. I was asked about my travel history(since it stood out) and how I supported myself when travelling, where I used to work etc.
  7. arhue

    Help! Totally stuck with this

    You cannot be part time in any semester other than your last. I would either take the break fully or take atleast 3 courses.
  8. arhue

    Less marks in maths (46)

    Should not have any impact. I managed to get admission with a much lower score.
  9. arhue

    PGWP Risk of refusal

    You will most likely be refused for the PGWP. You can get an explanation letter from the uni and write a good SOP to try to convince the visa officer, but it is an uphill task. Your other options are to do a master's after this to extend your status and get PGWP after that, try to get a LMIA...
  10. arhue

    Heathrow airport - Long transit? Staying in hotels

    @ncrohith 1. 2 months back 2. Russia to Canada via Heathrow, about 17 hour layover 3. I didn't board from India. I spent 3 weeks in Russia, but I guess you could try going via there with a smaller layover. The air bubble arrangement could be an issue. 4. I did the Covid test in Russia.
  11. arhue

    Heathrow airport - Long transit? Staying in hotels

    No visa needed if you're flying to Canada and transit period is <24 hours.
  12. arhue

    Heathrow airport - Long transit? Staying in hotels

    There is an exemption for landside transits. I successfully used it and didn't have to quarantine or get tested or show vaccine proof.
  13. arhue

    Heathrow airport - Long transit? Staying in hotels

    No, did not get the covid test done. There is an exemption from testing and quarantine if landside transit is for <24 hours. Please go through the passenger locator form for UK. Your wife won't need a visa for UK if you are flying to Canada.
  14. arhue

    Housing crisis in Canada

    Then why is housing in rural Canada dirt cheap? Not saying it's the only cause, but not enough supply in cities to meet the demand is largely responsible for this. Low interest rates, easy lending also allow people who can't afford homes otherwise get a home. If you check the real estate...
  15. arhue

    Housing crisis in Canada

    You are focusing on the window dressing, not the main course. Issue is not enough housing is being built. If you build highly dense houses or incentivise into doing so, the issue will automatically get solved. Austria and Singapore have solved the issue with lots of dense urban housing.
  16. arhue

    Housing crisis in Canada

    Institutions buying housing is not a bad thing as they refurbish, renovate, maintain and release more rental supply into the market. Issue is the supply. Not enough housing, especially highly dense housing is being built and that is the core reason for the high prices.
  17. arhue

    Housing crisis in Canada

    There are two things to real estate: 1. Real estate tends to have decade long cycles. Prices don't correct but stay there for decades. When you are leveraged, you lose a lot more when prices stay the same. 2. Because houses are not affordable, doesn't mean prices won't go up. That's a fallacy...
  18. arhue

    Indirect route from India

    Again I'm not sure what these inane arguments are supposed to solve other than pissing everyone off and drowning out useful information. Can we stop please?! This is NOT a politics or a health policy discussion forum. Please keep your opinions on those matters to yourselves or discuss them...