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    The start date for work permit

    You cannot decide when your WP will start, it will start on the day your WP is issued. If you're applying from outside Canada, it will be issued the day you enter Canada.
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    ICT dependent spouse, spouse sponsorship after COPR

    Her status will be temporary worker until the end of her WP, which has nothing to do with your PR application.
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    Can i leave to us for work while my CEC PR application is in progress

    Yes, you have to update IRCC about your status changes through webform, as indicated on your ITA/AOR letters. Once all covid restrictions are lifted, you should be able to land with your COPR once approved.
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    Reference letter not matching NOC code

    It depends, they could reject your entire application if that work experience is the one that makes you eligible for the program you're applying under (for example under FSW, the 1 year of continuous work experience under your primary NOC)
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    Job after applying for PR

    As long as you didn't apply through PNP or claimed the 50 points for the job offer, you should have no problem changing your job or quitting. Just keep IRCC updated of those status changes through webform.
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    EE CEC - 2021 , Intent to live outside of Quebec

    There is an entire forum for that
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    Advice for CEC from Quebec

    Oh ok, I misunderstood. Then it's ok for now. GCMS notes are a good way to be updated about the progress of your application, without having to call the call center, where they'll give some generic answer. If the officer finds any concern about your application, you'll be able to read it on...
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    Overlapping Experience in India and Canada

    Considering that under EE you can only count 1 full-time work experience at a time and 30 hours max per week if you count per hours, I doubt any immigration officer will accept 2 overlapping jobs under the same period, either choose one or the other.
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    Advice for CEC from Quebec

    If you applied under CEC on april last year and you still haven't received any decision yet, it is possible that what's holding your application is for some more proof of your intention to move out of Quebec. Have you already done that? What's your status on your GCMS notes? If you're still...
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    If you're applying under EE, you don't need a police certificate for Canada unless the immigration officer specifically asks for it later on.
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    CoPR Expired

    If you are already in Canada then you don't need to renew your COPR.
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    Express Entry and PNP Questions

    ECA is mandatory if you want to create an EE profile, you can use the CRS calculator to estimate your score in order to check if it's worthy or not. Canada has 10 provinces and 4 territories and each province/territory has its own variety of nomination programs, there are in total more than 100...
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    Doubts about accepting my ITA

    I guess you meant you just created the EE profile. If you search the forum you'll find people doing it both ways, either reject ITA or submit it after the actual 1 year, no correct answer there. The 3 weeks should be ok if you were still employed and paid during that time.
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    Question related to reference letter

    It's ok, it doesn't matter when you got the letter.
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    Change province after receiving ITA

    Unless you got a nomination under PNP, you're not obligated to stay in a particular province. Just make sure to inform IRCC of any address change through application or webform.
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    How to apply for TRV for my BOWP
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    CEC - AOR Nov 2020 - Residential Address Request

    Maybe they need to double check based on your travel history from CBSA. What do you mean by "ideal residential address"? How long have you been living in India?
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    Withdraw work permit application after COPR

    It is not automatic, you have to withdraw it through webform
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    Got admit in College with Duolingo. Do I need to take IELTS seperately for VISA approval?.

    Here are the required documents needed to apply for a study permit (non SDS I guess) from IRCC, no language test.