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  1. Histrionics

    ECA for masters through ICES

    At 466, I don’t think you need another assessment. It’s up to you, if you are nearing a birthday which might reduce your score then go for it otherwise your score should be enough to get ITA in upcoming draws. You can create your profile with current assessment and also apply to ICES...
  2. Histrionics

    Police Certificate for spouse who is NOT in the Express Entry file?

    You will still need to provide her PCC and medical.
  3. Histrionics

    Masters degree

    No, not required.
  4. Histrionics


    Only the marriage certificate is required. Cannot comment on how the IRCC will view it but people do get married after receiving ITA, before/after eAPR, after PPR and go on to have their applications evaluated successfully with the addition of their spouse.
  5. Histrionics

    Express entry_PR profile submitted to IRCC_Passport about to expire in ONE YEAR_POST PR SUBMISSION DATE.

    No impact on application processing but you will have to update the details of the new passport once you receive it.
  6. Histrionics

    Marital Status in Express Entry form

    Yes, like I said, it is quite likely for them to insist on an official document that states divorce or legally separated status. Impossible to predict how it will impact your application. Make sure the LoE is detailed and explains everything. Or wait for the courts to open.
  7. Histrionics

    Secondary applicant work experience/LOE

    Not needed. Just mention in personal history and state in LoE that you have not shared the work experience certificates as no points have been claimed for the dependent work experience.
  8. Histrionics


    When it comes to payment etc., you will be able to see that on the basis of the information you have entered. Please look for the contact information of the PTU registrar of exams online and call them to ask for a clarification on how they will send the documents to IQAS (separately for each...
  9. Histrionics

    Cic login

    The affidavit is the only way to go ahead. Not sure how long WES will take to generate a new report, you'll have to ask their customer care. Shouldn't lead to any complications.
  10. Histrionics

    Immigration as emergency doctor

    This is a regulated profession so based on assessment of your qualifications, experience will need to write exams, apply for licenses etc., necessary to work in Canada.
  11. Histrionics

    Covid and English tests

    Are any of the tests offering an online option as well? You can wait for the restrictions to open or explore the online option for giving the test.
  12. Histrionics

    PCC process - is there a police verification at the home address as in passport?

    Impossible to predict what they will choose to do. You will find out when you apply for the PCC.
  13. Histrionics

    Marital Status in Express Entry form

    You could select Legally Separated, share the documents you do have and explain the rest in an LoE.
  14. Histrionics

    Applying for immigration during Covid19

    Which category are you planning to apply under?
  15. Histrionics

    Proof of Funds - Eligible Investments

    Will your bank give you a letter on their letter head stating this? I recommend these funds not be the ones you are relying on as PoF, but additional to what you show, to be on the safe side.
  16. Histrionics

    PCC process - is there a police verification at the home address as in passport?

    It depends on how long it has been since you were issued your passport, if there was a physical verification when the passport was issued and if the address on the passport is the same as your current address. The rest is upto the passport authority to look at your documentary address proof and...
  17. Histrionics

    Initials on degree certificates, but full name on WES credentials matching passport, will it be issue? Need a affidavit?

    A notarised affidavit is usually addressed To Whomsoever It May Concern. An official notary will be conversant with the legal language needed.
  18. Histrionics

    Account Locked! Please help

    Yes, you will have access as the application is ported to the new account and now associated with it. Having two GCKeys is not a problem as the older account will now be empty.
  19. Histrionics

    CIC Account locked- need to unlock

    Yes, you will be able to access the application in the new account with which you have associated it. Having two accounts is not a problem. Once you link the application to a new account, it is de-linked from the old account.