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  1. Parminder.mayo

    IEC University. Has anyone got positive ECA for IEC university ?

    I.E.C (iec) university solan HImachal. Is there any one who got ECA done from WES,CES or iqas ?
  2. Parminder.mayo

    Iec University

    Hi, I just checked ICES and got to know that they dont do eca for this university and not sure about other universities. Here is the link below. If anyone has got ECA from any other agency plz let me know.
  3. Parminder.mayo

    WES ECA status on Hold

    So this is how IMT responded for my husband: To: Subject: Verification Request - Reference #XXXXXXXXXXX Dear Director of Evaluations, We appreciate the additional verification process introduced to ensure that candidates only submit authorised documents. In this case, we are...
  4. Parminder.mayo

    WES ECA status on Hold

    ask arora_mayank he might be able to help you out. or check page 28
  5. Parminder.mayo

    WES ECA status on Hold

    Hi Have you received you eca.
  6. Parminder.mayo

    WES ECA status on Hold

    Hi @Nishika22 Can you please share verification email sample conversation or please loop me in thanks
  7. Parminder.mayo

    Wes hold

    hi all I am facing same issue please update if WES updated anything after they send email to your university