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    Those who Waiting EXPRESS ENTRY in Six Months and not finalized!!!!

    Sir, How many applicants are applying in FSTP every years and who are applying? vipul
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    Finally I got certificate of qualification and become eligible in EE FSTP

    I Passed Red Seal Exam in Industrial Electrician with 70% for ITA BC and I am living in India. Can I get ITA from FSTP with Low CRS score of 228
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    Why FSTP Applicants Are Being Ignored?

    I am FSTP applicant with CRS 228 with qualification of certificate in industrial electrician. Is there any chance for me to get ITA from FSTP
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    Benefits linking paper application to online

    Weather it's approved or not?
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    Benefits linking paper application to online

    My status shows dispatch what does it mean
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    SINP January 2017

    No I am electrical engineer
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    SINP January 2017

    My application was received by Mike. My number is 0919825165870
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    SINP January 2017

    Hi I am vipul patel from india and have submitted my paper base application to CIO on 13th April 2017. Can anyone say how much time it will take to get AOR and Medical. I made application with arrange employment.