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    Congratulations. Do they actually ask you to send in your passport if you’re from a visa-exempt country? Thanks.
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    CSQ for Family Class Sponsorship Application (Spouse)

    Once you actually move to Montreal you would write to IRCC/VO (e.g., using email or the webform) advising them that you moved to Montreal (presumably also changing the residence and mailing addresses they have for you on file), at which point they will most likely ask you for CSQ and put a hold...
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    Thread for 2019 - 2020 - Dependent Child sponsorship Applications

    If your spouse got their PR with you, i.e. both of you applied for PR in the same application then no.
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    IRCC insisting on CSQ

    From an admin point of view, they need to specify deadlines, and it seems they are programmed to give them at 30 days from "today". So I'd wait until a few days before the deadline and send them the justification/status update (possibly the same one as before), after which they will issue you a...
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    Urgent - Residency status on taxation (Soft landing)

    Check this: Bottom line: you're fine. Bank account and credit cards are considered "secondary" residential ties and not "significant", so by themselves...
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    Sponsor PR for US Born Dependent Child sent to LA Visa office

    I found the quote below in another thread. It's probably just procedural routine. Hopefully your application will be finalized soon. Good luck :)
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    Express Entry Questions - Can I live in Quebec?

    Hello, Since you're a PR now, there is nothing stopping you from doing it. When someone applies for health insurance (and possibly their driver's license) they are usually asked for a proof of address in the province + Proof of PR (e.g., the card) + CSQ (if they immigrated through the Quebec...
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    Adding Spouse and Child after getting CSQ or not

    Hello, Yes, I chose "option two". Sorry for the confusion. However, this was 1.5 years ago, so I can't really advise you on what to do now since I haven't been following the updates. I hear that the sponsoring delays are shorter these days, so this may be a factor in your decision. If you are...
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    Sending passports to Canada from USA

    As of late 2016, they accept non-Canada Post labels/envelopes. I personally included a prepaid FedEx envelope+label and they used that to return the passport
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    Got PR but came back home. Do I have to file taxes ?

    Hello 19, With only a bank account in Canada and a short stay, you are not yet a resident of Canada for tax purposes. Therefore, no tax reporting is needed, unless you derive a Canadian-source income during the year, in which case you will be taxed, most probably, as a non-resident. Reference...
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    Our situation

    Hello shallowpurple, I will address just one of your questions - the issue of US taxation. As you point out, your spouse will -most probably- be a nonresident alien for 2017, depending on her days of residence and the Substantial Presence Test. However, if you remain a resident alien for the...
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    moving to Canada from US

    You don't have to "move" by April. You just have to "land" by then, and you can take up to 3 years to make up your mind without being in breach of your Residency Obligation. On the decision to move, there are more than one thread in this forum by people pondering the same question, one of them...
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    My Landing Experiance in Montreal and About Montreal

    Thank you, 19, for the useful posts and for sharing your experience with us. I would like to just set the record straight on one thing you mentioned for those who will be reading: it is NOT illegal or forbidden to bring more than 10k dollars in cash. You just have to declare the full amount at...
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    Adding Spouse to CSQ .. very confused .. please help

    In the CSQ form that you signed, there's a declaration that you will inform them of any change within 30 days. I personally informed them of my marriage about 2.5 months later (once I had all the required attachments ready). They didn't object or come back to me with any questions. YMMV. I guess...
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    Adding Spouse to CSQ .. very confused .. please help

    You're welcome - all this immigration stuff can get very taxing. I don't have first-hand experience with your question, but my opinion would be to wait until you get married then send them everything. A cover letter would be a good way to explain things in chronological order (1. Got divorced...
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    Adding Spouse to CSQ .. very confused .. please help

    The sentence you're quoting is incomplete : "... the immigration officer will proceed to refusal, unless an exemption is considered (exceptionally), or the principal applicant decides to withdraw his/her spouse from the application and keep his/her original CSQ". So even if they re-calculate...
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    No certification needed. Just copies.
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    Clock starts when they receive your application. About PCC's, I'm afraid I don't know much about the Indian or Saudi systems, but I'm sure you'll find more than one thread here where they've been discussed. In general, if you haven't submitted the police certificates with your application, you...
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    Adding Spouse to CSQ .. very confused .. please help

    Hello, Certificates and language tests are not mandatory for the spouse. If you include them (following the proper guidelines regarding certified true copies, etc.) you'd get the extra points for them, otherwise not (assuming they really re-assess and compute the points). And IELTS for spouse...
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    QSW visas these days seem to take between 9 and 12 months from the time they receive your application, so it will probably be a few more months before they ask you for your passport. Did you submit your police certificate with the app? If yes, then there is nothing else for you to do. They do...