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  1. canadiandream111

    COPR put on hold as old PR was not revoked

    Hi all, I had received a PR back in 2002 but we did not meet residency requirements so far so I thought the same would have got expired. Now when I applied for my new PR under express entry my COPR has been put on hold (after receiving PPR) as I had still not revoked my old PR. I am...
  2. canadiandream111

    New Delhi Visa Office>>>AOR 2019>>>>>>

    Has anyone ordered GCMS notes? What do they notes say? I have ordered mine recently and they should come in about a month or so. My AOR is June 20
  3. canadiandream111

    PR applications from NDVO/INDIA.....lets connect here...

    June 20 AOR. Still no update. This is SO Frustrating. Ordered my 1st Set of GCMS notes about 15 days ago to see whats going on.
  4. canadiandream111

    All who got FILE MOVED/transferred to NDVO 2019 please join

    Hi is everyone here for Express Entry or for spouse sponsorship? I have applied through express entry and AOR on 20th June 2010 current status is Medicals Passed since July 2019. No update since then Will can I expect PPR?
  5. canadiandream111

    Remark Success rate

    Hi Guys, Any idea how long does it actually take for IDP to declare EOR results? They say 2-4 weeks but I wanted to have an idea about actual timelines of people applying for IDP EOR. Test center: IDP Mumbai EOR acknowledgment email date: 20th November 2018 When can I expect an outcome...