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    Does property in the name of one of the deceased parent holds good if shown as strong ties back home?

    Hello Folks, I'm a PR and have been in Canada for 3 years. I wanted to apply for a TRV for my mother who is 68 years old, my father passed away 8 months back. I want her to come and stay with us for some time ( may be 3 months) to have a change of place. I have 3 siblings who all stay back home...
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    Visit Visa Application (Using the new IRCC Portal)

    Hello Friends, i have couple of quick questions, when you for apply/applied for your parent/parents, are you selecting the option "use of a rep", cos my mom cannot do this by herself and i have to do it for her. If yes do we also have to select the release of personal info option? Appreciate...
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    Common-law vs single

    Not sure if it would be misrepresentation but since you are in a common law its always better to state the facts. Found this link not sure if it helps
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    Proof of relationship

    I guess they are asking for proof of relationship with your uncle. For spouse you would anyways be submitting the marriage certificate. Since you have not received any points for showing your uncle on EE profile, i assume you can remove that and explain the same in a LOE
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    Settlement Fund

    Just curious to know why isn't your spouse sponsoring you?
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    Not eligible for Express Entry

    yup missed CEC
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    URGENT: Incorrect Document uploaded for PR Application after ITA

    if you have submitted a webform and received a reply, there should not be a problem and wait for updates. You just missed to update and tried to correct it there is no misrepresentation, dont worry
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    Not eligible for Express Entry
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    Appeal - PR cancelation

    yes for the second question
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    Not eligible for Express Entry

    check your minimum eligibility criteria, you should score 67 out of 100
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    Can i Change my Cic profile after getting invitation?

    you can make changes in eAPR, as long as your score is above the cut off, you will not have any issues. Also check the if you are still meeting the 67 points with those changes
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    Express Entry Profile about to Expire

    you will receive a mail from IRCC about the expiry then can create a new profile
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    COPR and coronavirus

    for information
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    PNP nomination

    There will be a time frame mentioned in the intent mail within which you can apply to ONIP. In the mean time you can prepare you docs and if u get a FSW ITA you don't need to apply for ONIP, simple as that.
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    PNP nomination

    Have you already applied for a PNP program from ONIP? or received an email saying they would like to extend an LOI? if it is an LOI from ONIP, You will have to accept it and submit all the documents and if everything is in place then they will nominate you, which will give you 600 points
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    Accomodation for Self Isolation - Vancouver

    but do inform them that you will be on a self quarantine or isolation
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    IELTS Requirements for PNP applicant spouse

    You already received your nomination? you don't need IELTS for your spouse.
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    COPR and coronavirus

    They wont ask you for insurance, but having one in place is good based on the place and province you are coming into. Ontario health is available only after 3 months ( not sure in current pandemic situation). What foods you can carry is available on the cbsa website ( generally your should...
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    COPR and coronavirus

    it need not be equal to the POF. For pof, if they ask at port of entry you can still show the bank documents as well. You have to tell them what ever money your are bringing in, as cash or equivalent