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    Does anyone understand "OB 407-D triage - Case remains in residency queue. PC"

    If your patience has completely ran out, I would recommend you consult with a lawyer. not a consultant. use upper Canada law society, they have free referral service. or simply google, you will be able to net a few good citizenship lawyer's name mentioned in other forum. of course, it is not...
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    After 36 months: I go for Mandamus! Who else here has hired a lawyer?

    I went for mandamus last month. I did not wait until 36 months. my lawyer is arguing on the point that when I applied for the citizenship, the timeline was only 19 months. my waiting time was far more than that. the lawyer only spent 10 minutes on the consultation, then his assistant was helping...
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    49 months since applying citizenship to St Clair Office

    mandamus will be a very useful and effective tool. I waited for my citizenship for 32 months, then went to the lawyer. within two weeks lawyer dropped my file to federal court, my citizenship was approved. I took oath 3 weeks after that. total time from me contacting lawyer to oath was less than...
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    All those waiting for more than 36 months

    the lawyer used the processing time at the time you applied for citizenship as the rule of thumb. for me, the processing time when I applied for citizenship was 19 months. my waiting time was way over that. the total fee was 4k including tax. it was very straight forward. I went for...
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    All those waiting for more than 36 months

    I applied for Canadian citizenship in oct 2011, took the test in may 2013, and received RQ at the same time. Submitted the RQ the following month. In june 2014, I contacted a lawyer and filed the mandamus, within two weeks, received a letter from department of justice informing me that the...
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    RQ - St Clair Office - Share Your Timeline

    Applied in October 2011, took test Iin may 2013, submit RQ in June 2013 and wait since then.
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    RQ - St Clair Office - Share Your Timeline

    Not so fast. It took a month to move your RQ to st claire. For my case, it took 1/2 year for CIC to update my records to indicate that my file was moved to st claire.
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    RQ - St Clair Office - Share Your Timeline

    If it is a full blown RQ, it will be sent to st claire as it is the only office in toronto assessing the RQ.
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    RQ - St Clair Office - Share Your Timeline

    Just called call center today, my RQ was also transferred to st claire from scarborough office. It is more than 31 months now. I will be waiting till 36 months and go for mandamus. Now all toronto rq case in toronto area are sent to st claire for assessment.
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    Many Day Trips to the USA (Share your experience)

    hey, sicko86, 8 day trips is not a lot. I had total of 60 trips out of Canada during the 4 year period prior to citizenship application. do not over-worry.
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    Lets flood CIC with Mandamus

    JoeYYC, please do not mislead applicants from other provinces. applicant from Ontario do not get preferential treatment. I am from Ontario, my citizenship case already lasted more than 31 months and still waiting. not 14 months you have mentioned. as far as I am aware of, st Claire office in...
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    scarborough town center

    Hi, Jabuela, Did your husband receive oath notice yet? I am on the same timeline as your husband.
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    2011-2012 applicants ,still in process applications, RQed or Non RQed

    I don't know where you found your current lawyer. you need to hire a reputable lawyer, not consultant. there is free referral service from law society of upper Canada. They will be able to refer you to a good lawyer to file mandamus which asks the federal court to compel the government render a...
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    2011-2012 applicants ,still in process applications, RQed or Non RQed

    hi, Ottawa 971, ever thought of bring the case to federal court and file mandamus? The kind of delay you experienced is just outrageous. This is by far the longest I have ever seen.
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    2011-2012 applicants ,still in process applications, RQed or Non RQed

    hi, Ottawa 971, really hard to believe they have been processing your case for more than 6 years. Did you ever try to call them or write your local office an inquiry letter? this timeline is ridiculous. Are you actually just patiently waiting? I really admire your patience. Are you sure they did...
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    2011-2012 applicants ,still in process applications, RQed or Non RQed

    applied oct 2011 start in process march 2012 test in may 2013, get RQ at the test submitted RQ in Jun 2013, Still waiting. more than 30 months now.
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    RQ after test-processing times clarification

    Jabuela, your husband's timeline is exactly the same as my timeline. what is his local office? my local office is scarborough town centre. a little bit comfort to know that someone is in the same boat with me.
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    any chance in federal court

    Judge doesn't have to tell you on the scene that you failed your exam. but if I were you, I would refuse to take oral exam in the first place because the applicant does have the choice to opt for written exam since most other applicants went through written exam or at least come back at a second...
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    RQ after test-processing times clarification

    not so quick for mandamus. montreal is known for having severe backlog. 36 months is the processing time where office does not experience backlog. montreal is the one with bad backlog, edmunton is also the office had severe backlog, Toronto st Claire is also the one. I would give another 6...