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    Medical is in under review for candidate having polio in leg

    4.13-handed in with up front medical exam 4.19- finger print 4.21- finger print received, medical exam&eligibility went to review at the same time 5.10- webform ask whats going on and if they have got my exam result yet 5.15- got confirmed they have received it 5.18- passed medical exam and...
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    HELP! Weird Case Status- Medical Exam&Eligibility

    After CIC received my fingerprint, my medical exam section shows: "we are reviewing the result of your medical exam" while the eligibility section also got changed to "we are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements". I know friends who submitted one day later than me got...
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    EAPP Medical exam result/eligibility in review

    Hi, here is my timeline: 3.13 medical exam(upfront) and submitted my application the same day 3.19 fingerprint received+ processing background check 3.21 medical exam in review+ eligibility in review Is it normal to have the medical exam result in review start with the eligibility in review at...
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    CAQ receipt of documents

    Sure. I handed in my file on March 19th and got approved letter on April 11th. I am an international student who did undergrad in Ontario and applied for CAQ for my graduate school.
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    CAQ receipt of documents

    over 20 days, I got mine on the 11th.
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    HELP!!! IMM1294E Previous countries or territories residence

    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your help!
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    Question regarding "Funds available for my stay"

    I got accepted into a two years long master program and the tuition for two years in total is 57068cad, how much should I put in room and board, and other? Would it be reasonable if I put 20,000 for room and board, and 10000 for the Other? Would you suggest me putting 100,000 as funds available...
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    HELP!!! IMM1294E Previous countries or territories residence

    Thank you! I think cic requires me to upload my first page of the passport and all pages with any visa or stamps.
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    HELP!!! IMM1294E Previous countries or territories residence

    Hi, IMM1294E asks if I have lived in any countries or territories other than my home country for six months. I was an international student in Canada and have been going back and forth to the United States to visit my boyfriend. During covid, I applied for extension to stay in the United States...
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    CAQ receipt of documents

    Hi there, I applied for the CAQ on March 18th online and received an email today notifying me there is a new message. After I logged in I noticed that I got the receipt of documents, but the date states March 19th(Is April 1st today). Is this normal? Thank you!
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    Can I use my Canadian undergrad transcript for the IELTS requirement when applying through student Direct Stream(SDS)?

    Hi there, I did my undergrad at a canandian university and I was wondering do I still need an IELTS score when applying through student direct stream(SDS)? Thank you!