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    Ontario PNP 2015 Applicants

    1. You can, but you will not be able to provide the proof of living in Ontario for 12 months and as a result your application will be returned. (Advice for the future, the best way to fulfil this requirement is to submit credit card statements for the last 12 months.) 2. Unfortunately work...
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    ON PNP-reference letter needed for verification-after PPR?

    @taurus1985 You see if I don't not update certificates in advance and CIC ask for their update, it'll cause a delay on my application for over two months (that's how much time it took me to collect all certificates last time). If I do update certificates in advance but CIC don't ask for their...
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    ON PNP-reference letter needed for verification-after PPR?

    Hey guys, I would like to get some advise from you. I am an OPNP applicant. I submitted my application at the beginning of August '14, but AOR and MR arrived just a couple days ago. My police certificates will expire in June. Do you think I should go ahead and update them? Thanks.
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    PNP application and Post Graduate Work Permit

    Shariar, I think the following may solve your problem:
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    Guys, could you please clarify for me what exactly means provide the copy of confirmation of nomination? I am asking because as a confirmation of my nomination by OPNP I received the following documents: - information letter with the # of my certificate - certificate itself with a stamp "COPY"...
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    Ontario PNP Applicants 2013

    Feb2004, As I know, an applicant is asked for copy of PGWP if his/her study permit expire less then in 3 months from the application date.
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    You should call OPNP again and talk not with receptionist but with the officer responsible for processing your application. The name of the officer should be in the letter with your file number.
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    Ontario PNP Applicants 2013

    @ samboy2005, OPNP website explicitly says that it is applicant's responsibility to maintain legal status in Canada during processing. So if you will not receive your nomination before PGWP expires the only option would be to leave Canada and wait for decision outside the country. If you do...
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    Would student permit be affected if I already applied for Nova Scotia Nominee..

    My friend got his study permit to do Masters in Montreal while his application to Quebec PNP was still under process. So I guess if you're planning to study somewhere in Nova Scotia, you are on the safe side.
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    Ontario PNP Applicants 2013

    @ Feb2004 , My University sent both, transcripts and letter, as one package.
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    Ontario PNP Applicants 2013

    @ khawar1, If you are employed, It is enough if you can provide a copy of your contract and probably some recent pay checks. I suggest read the OPNP guide for your stream to see all your options in regards funds . @ mandy0106, congrats and good luck with the rest of immigration process.
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    University spring and summer classes.. do i need a study permit?

    Recently I called CIC and asked whether it is allowed for holder of PGWP to take any academic courses. The answer was yes, under specific conditions. They sent me the following information:
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    Ontario PNP Applicants 2013

    hime, congrats! You are lucky one, especially taking into account that OPNP does not process any applications in Dec-Jan. Good luck with the rest of the process. vpahan , OPNP received my application on Dec 17. A week ago I got a file # and request to submit my credit card statements which...
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    Ontario PNP ( Opportunities Ontario) - your opinion, experience, help - Thanks!

    If you would be graduating this year, your chances to receive your certificate sometime in May will be close to zero. There are several reasons for that: 1. OPNP does not consider application complete until they receive the confirmation that applicant have completed all degree requirements. 2...
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    Ontario PNP Applicants 2013

    @cannonbarrel, Congrats! Could you please share your NOC?
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    Ontario PNP Applicants 2013

    @ Feb2004, You should leave it empty if you do not have a job offer and do not expect: financial support from relatives, income from investment etc. If you will find a job in Ontario during the PNP process, you can send a copy of your contract to PNP later to strengthen your connection...
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    Am I eligible under OPNP....PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!

    @ Reyan619 , You are not eligible for the "international student with job offer" stream because an applicant should have a legal status in Canada and your current status is unclear. But your employer may apply...
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    Post Graduate work permit

    All my friends who graduated from 8-12 months Master programs and applied with a full time permanent job offer (NOC A), got 3 year PGWPs. So there is a good probability that you can get the same. But again there is no official rule about that. I suggest call to CIC and ask them about your...
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    Move after getting Pr on PNP based

    Not all provinces will "come after you". For example, people nominated by Ontario, after becoming PRs, can move to other province with no problem. Their website explicitly says about that.
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    PR after provincial nomination