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    Social life, Nightlife.. making new friends.....

    When I first moved to Canada I found It was a great resource for me and I joined lots of groups. Meetup is an online community where people with similar interests can connect for doing real face to face activities. You can sign up for free, search for groups in your area or with your...
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    Car importation timeline question

    For a friend... "How much time I have after I land before I have to import or register my car?" Background: After 3 years in process (and finally deciding to re-settle in the US with her Canadian spouse in July 2013), my American friend wants to avoid the process of importation if possible...
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    "Marriage-like relationship" in a conjugal partnership application

    Yeah, that is really poorly worded, isn't it? I suspect mutual debts would classify, like if one person co-signed a loan for the other. That is the only example I could come up with though.
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    Contacting the LA office

    Thanks for the reply Computergeek! I had no idea that one could hold 2 copies of a passport.
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    "Marriage-like relationship" in a conjugal partnership application

    Send proof of delivery...good idea, rjessome. It probably is in a pile somewhere waiting to be opened. Did you make a copy of what you sent? If so, send another copy with a cover letter explaining the missing fist batch and copy the delivery receipt from the first package. But before you send...
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    Contacting the LA office

    Hi all. I haven't been around the forum much lately but still see this as my go to place for solid advice and useful information, so I am back asking for a friend. My American friend Tammy, married to a Canadian citizen, and her two kids (one accompanying one not) has had her PR app in process...
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    Very frequent traveler, US citizen/current resident married to Canadian

    Yes, I think concise is better too. Make it as easy as possible for the IO to find what they need. Good luck!
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    Very frequent traveler, US citizen/current resident married to Canadian

    No, actually. The explanation of our relationship was 1-2 pages including 8-9 photos. I also included about 9-10 emails (some were multiple pages), as many letters from friends and family, and 1-2 phone bills. The rest was all the required stuff, application forms and stuff from the document...
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    out of status common law partner

    Since she will have to account for her whereabouts in her application, immigration will know she overstayed in Canada.
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    Mother's written letter and signature

    But if you included a marriage certificate, then you don't need notarized letters since you applied as spouses. Common law and conjugal applications require notarized letters because these couples do not have the legal document married applicants have. @Remrov, If you mother is willing great...
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    Mother's written letter and signature

    Did you apply as married?
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    Can I file outside of Canada even with myself and my common law in Canada...

    Outland vs inland only refers to where your application is processed, not your physical location at the time of application. So, yes, you can apply outland while in Canada. See the very first post in the top thread...
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    Conjugal perner what do you think?

    The deal with conjugal partners is that you must prove that your relationship is ALREADY marriage-like; not just dating, engaged, planning to marry someday, etc. The Canadian Supreme Court upheld the right for couples not to have to marry in order to immigrate, but the IO will still expect you...
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    Driving a car with US plates in Ontario with a 2-year work permit

    I can reply to only the first issue. It is up to the lien holder to decide whether they will permit you to export the car. You will need a letter from them (on company letterhead) giving permission to allow the car out of the US.
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    Bying Tires and Daytime Running Lights

    I got DRL installed on my Hyundai in Mississauga at a place called Active Auto on Wolfedale Rd for $80. I have also sent several people from this forum there since i got mine and the price was the same.
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    Thread for outland Buffalo applicants!

    Thanks for the reply. Interesting regarding the medical. She was told around Christmas 2011 that she needed to redo hers (she had to re do her x rays already twice by that point) but that the children did not. She never got anything official or in writing: her MP told her. Then less than two...
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    Thread for outland Buffalo applicants!

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone has info on what is up with Buffalo. I haven't been around much lately, but I heard it was closing down. Has it already closed? It seems from reading a few posts here that Buffalo is still open. The reason I ask is that I have a friend who is still in process. Long...
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    Conjugal Partner Immigration Questions

    Can you cite a source for this or is it your opinion?
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    Thread for outland Buffalo applicants!

    Hi guys, just popping back in after a long absence. Hope everybody is well and processing good news is coming in. I haven't heard many posts here but wanted to update the long time readers on a situation. You may remember my last posts back in January where I mentioned my girlfriends and their...